John "given em nothin" Worsfold


a floating bigger goal square - don’t give the AFL any more ideas


That’s one way to keep players in their zones. Moats separating the various areas of play. Maybe with sharks with laser beams.


I was excited about 3D footy, but moats…
Now that’s something…

Edit: That would really revolutionise the game. Replace all the lines on the field with three metre wide moats.
End congestion, bring back individual contests, players could still change position but they’d have to swim across…maybe the sharks with laser beams is going a bit far, perhaps start with some ill-tempered mutated sea-bass and see how that goes…


wimm, it’s not even 0900. lay off the bourbon!


What this tells me, is that the kick in up the line will be at a slightly different angle, and the ball will carry a little extra distance, so set ups for the kick ins, will be closer to the wing.


Alternatively: MOOOOAAAAR bourbon.


Winning away from home is one of the biggest positives to come out of this year.


Going to be a quiet week in this thread.


Pretty sure he’s got our record now.


12 wins at 106% last year vs 12 wins at 105% this year


Last year: great forwardline, not so great midfield
This year: much improved midfield, complete loss of the forwardline players and had to rebuild

Next year: all fit and healthy and smashing teams!


And Francis


the missing link?


All credit to Worsfold. After that first 8 games the season could have fallen off a cliff. We haven’t made the 8 but otherwise couldn’t have made a better recovery.


That, and how great Parish has been lately, amirite?


yes well done
like him as a head coach
but even better with help from a good game day coach to make moves when needed


Till now, what I’m seeing, is exactly what he has been trying to say - the team becoming a cohesive, tight, intuitive organism. What it needs to be to get far in finals.


he looked pretty animated in the post match presser.


Why keep trotting out a line that isn’t even relevant anymore? The amount of moves made each game is quite high.


It was obviously very relevant as we have now recrited Rutten as assistant coach. He will help Woosha with strategy and on match day