John "given em nothin" Worsfold





Or he coaches the backline. Just a crazy thought.


Because Rutten is a noted match day strategist who has been key to Richmond’s gameplan? There’s been no official word on his role for next season, but there’s been nothing to indicate that he’s taking Harding’s role or similar

Until it’s confirmed otherwise, you would think he’ll be a line coach, probably working with the defenders or forwards.


We really need a big strong full back or chf
Hurls not a kp player any longer
Gets outmarked constantly
We get too many goals kicked against us by key forwards as we did last night
Hurleys game against Buddy was his best all year . He will play a roaming role next year i reckon rather than mind a key forward


Of course we all know what our kick in strategy will be with the 18 metre long square - Our player doing the kick-in will be at the end of the 18 metres and will turn around and kick it backwards to our player in the pocket


I dont think that comment is irrelevant, since the re-shuffle we have seen more moves made.

The comment further on about Rutten is more irrelevant.


Rutten will coach the backline, and hopefully Harvey will enter “the cannon”:tm:


I can’t work out if Harvey’s sheedified or just lazy.


From memory when we had that massive internal review of the footy department in 2015, Harves was one of the better looking coaches. He might thrive under a different role


There must have been some ugly ones!!
But i don’t think we should be picking coaches on looks


Good Essendon man … blah blah … but there is a common belief that the game has passed him by.
Good cannon fodder though …


That would be sheedified then.
Welcome to cannon fodder mark Harvey


Come on maaaaaaaaan


Do we though?

That was the first bag of 5 any key forward kicked against us this year. (Second if you include Gunston, which I don’t.)

But run through the Key forwards in the Coleman leaderboard and what they did against us:

Jack 2 goals. (twice)
Brown 2
Hawkins 3
Buddy 2
Hogan 2
Jenkins 2.

It’s the medium forwards who hurt us this year, we’re fine for stopping big guys.


And all 3 of Hawkins goals came in the last 10 minutes when the game was over.


And according to JayNeagle, all of those goals were kicked on Francis.


I think they stuck the point up their own end a long time ago. Pity it wasn’t a bit sharper.


Common belief huh ?

Well Harves may get the chop but many I know around the Club reckon he is the only assistant he acually understands the modern game. Maybe that says a great deal about the rest of them.


If that were really true, we’d be a Carlton-esque basketcase


We would be.
Thank God coteries don’t make these decisions.