John "given em nothin" Worsfold


Contraversial !!

I thought they did; at least sacking Senior Coaches and paying them out.


I’m sure they will keep Harvey if he is meeting the club’s expectations. They know what they’re doing.


Yep. They will make their decision based on what they think is best.
No problem with that.


This is certainly my mail too!


What has Harves done to Pi SS you off ?




Well you seem to think he is not worth keeping, or maybe you reckon someone else would do better.


What the fark has that got to do with him having ■■■■■■ me off?
It’s not someone kiddy foot stamping thing.
I just don’t believe he’s all that good a coach.
And as I talk to more people about it, it seems I’m not the lone ranger.
You are entitled to your opinion as much as I am.
And maybe you form these opinions based on who ■■■■■■ you off, I wouldn’t know. But I certainly don’t.

And just so you can be sure it’s not vendetta stuff.

The other coach I don’t rate, and wanted in the cannon was Skipworth.
When discussing the two with club personnel I was told Rutten coming in probably doesn’t mean anything good for Harvey, and that would be ok, because the game has largely passed him by.
Great Essendon man and all that, and the old boys working around the place love him, but he’s yesterdays hero.
On Skipworth the word was that he is extremely highly rated, and they would probably ditch Woosha (which they certainly aren’t inclined to do) before him.
Was told he would more than likely never make the leap to senior coach as he lacks any form of empathy (which of course you need in a role which has a large man management component) but will probably have a very long career as a quite highly paid assistant.

So there you go.
My answer.


I don’t think that is consistent with how things played out earlier this year.
Neeld was identified as a problem, from a coaching philosophy point of view, and as a communicator between coaches and players.
I was told a story that after the bulldogs loss, certain coaches were really upset (Harvey) about where we were headed, while a senior assistant coach was happy to take off to a coaching symposium on the Gold Coast. ( he didn’t get there btw).
A lot ■■■■ hit the fan following that game.
the assistant coaches who were largely shut out in that time, were also a main reason for the team getting back on track.
Harvey as defensive coach had a team ready built for fast rebounding from defense and was forced to implement the slow triple switch which was against the strengths of the players we had in the backline.

Some people may say the game has passed him by, but I am thankful from the very little I know about what he contributed to helping turn the season around for this team. I also love the fact he is an Essendon boy, who will always put the club before himself, ■■■■ we need more of that, and people should never be ■■■■ canned for what the give this club.

I don’t know if he will be there next year, I really hope he is. If nothing else he is a great mentor to plenty of the players.

We are at a point where the hard work is about to pay off, and he should be there to drive that next year. Along with Skipworth, who I previously haven’t rated, but his performance over the last 2 years is undeniable.


He’s the only one worth watching on the members “From the Coach” Youtube video we are sent every week after the game


i almost had a heart attack.


Skipworth lacking any form of empathy could be fake news.


Very good


So there is a possibility Rutten and Harvey co-exist as defence coaches?
I wouldnt think so,surely?


You wouldn’t think so.
But you never know, we could use either one in some other capacity.
Probably only Dan Richardson could answer that one for you.


Is Rutten definitely being brought in to coach the defence though?


wait! So you are saying he was cooking without love?!?!


At the end of the day, the team has performed very well after the Neeld cannon firing.

Therefore not sure of the case to cannon fire anyone else.

I’d like to see another recently retired player come in to do some development coaching/mentoring/Skills development such as Pop’s Kelly has done. I’d think BJ would be good at this, while he gets his coaching credentials…assuming he wants to.

I would very much like to see a goal kicking coach, we have been poor at this for many years.


Not sure, from what I’ve heard it’s a senior assistant role. This is a good recruitment, get to pick his brain, share his knowledge and reinforce Richardson’s message. No idea on whether it’s a lines coach or overseeing on game day. I assume it’s a line as the old structure of another person overseeing did not work out well.


I know an ex player who he coached that absolutely despised him for that very reason. He was a fringe player though so he was probably also bitter about a lack of opportunity, but I didn’t raise that issue with him.