John "given em nothin" Worsfold


If Skipworth is driving the midfield group as a hard task master it’s not a bad thing IMO.

He must have some empathy however as was highly rated in development role when first started dealing with the youngin’s


I don’t get it with skipworth, he has been around a long time and we are yet to really do anything as a team whilst he is there. However you can’t deny he did a good job with the forwards and appears to have turned the mids around, although I would note Kelly has been involved in that too.


Didn’t he only come into the senior coaching group in 2016? Before that VFL coach and development.

2016 - suspended players/top ups year
2017 - returning players, fwd line fired
2018 - midfield coach, made huge improvement


So he’s sociopathic.
Good one.


Is the entire clubs performance during Skipworth’s time on him? Like you say he’s done good work, so why wouldn’t they keep him around?


It’s already not a square.

And if you mark it 17m out between the two posts it makes basically no difference having the mark location centred.


Because if he was really good then he would have influenced with new ideas and game plans which would be revolutionary. He has just done a ok to good job. Or he would have been poached if he was that good.

Maybe I’m being harsh, but I just think you have to turn them over every now and then for some fresh ideas and faces.


Someone just went from 8 years at the Saints with their dismal development to a coaching gig at the Tigers for next year. How the club performs has no impact on whether another club thinks a person is a good assistant.


I captured you years ago and put you in my simulation tank, and while that simulation tank sits in the real world your awareness does not. Of course now I’ve got a little meta on you, so I’ll have to program in a sedative.


No, not necessarily. He might be on the Autistic-spectrum.



But why hasn’t Saints or Carlton or any other club looking for decent assistant coaches poached him? Either he really loves being at Essendon, we keep giving him more $ or he ain’t considered worth poaching.


He’s had what 3 seasons total now at AFL level. And it’s not like he was a star highly credentialled AFL player.

Why would a club have wanted to? Only just getting the body of work for his CV behind him.


Isn’t everyone


I really don’t understand the bit about lack of empathy. As you say, it’s an essential for man-management, so I really can’t understand how your informants can be saying a) he’s an excellent coach and rated at least as high as Worsfold, and b) he lacks any form of empathy.

I’m not doubting that’s what you’ve been told. I’m just saying that it doesn’t make sense. I can understand how some might think that Skipworth is unlikely to become a senior coach because he’s not an impressive media performer, but if he’s got first the forward line and now the midfield playing the way he wants them to play, then he must be able to communicate very effectively with the players.


Works for Clarkson.


Not according to Western Medicine. We are all a bit strange even thee and me.


So you should move on people who are good at what they do, just to stir the pot up? We haven’t won a final with Cale Hooker on the list so we should move him on too.

I don’t know how you can judge someone’s worth on whether they’ve been poached or not. You have no idea what interest he has or hasn’t had from other clubs. Perhaps he’s never moved clubs because he has no aspirations to go anywhere else, maybe no-one has ever inquired, or maybe he’s not motivated by money. Someone’s profile from the outside doesn’t reflect their worth within a club, whether good or bad and the true worth of something can’t always be measured by how much money the market throws at it.

Getting fresh ideas into the club is great, but so is having some degree of continuity and rewarding people for their achievements. There has been a steady rotation of coaches for the last decade (with the same results) with a range of backgrounds and skills and the current coaching list reflects this. Worsfold, Harding, Skipworth, Kelly, Harvey and now Rutten all have experience at other clubs.

Making change for change’s sake is simply an easy way of scapegoating someone for a problem and doesn’t solve anything, except by chance. It seems you’ve decided you simply don’t like this guy and you want to use him as the scapegoat for problems that are far greater than one assistant coach could be responsible for. It’s not harsh, it’s reckless


He doesn’t really need empathy. He just needs to be able to improve skills and teach game plans. And believe me he has ■■■■■■ off a lot of people under his tutelage. I know one who was one skipworth piece of crap from leaving. And I’m told that the empathy thing aside he’s a very nice bloke. But in the scheme of things that lack of empathy doesn’t matter. He gets the job done. And other people, such as the senior coach, the player welfare people, fellow players, the football manger etc can bring a more reasonable, more human face, to the situation. Just shows you how good at his job he must do to be able to survive like that.

edit: I’d still stuff him in the cannon