John "given em nothin" Worsfold




Turning over a coaching group at regular intervals isnt reckless. It is something which Sheedy and Clarkson have done consistently.

Yes we have had change from Knights, Hird, Bomber, Hird to Worsfold in the senior ranks. And some assistants too. But from the player development and up through VFL and now at AFL that top level message from all those senior coaches has been deliver through the same mouth and with the same person interpreting it.

He appears to do a good job as an assistant, but he would also have some good and not so good relationships with players. i.e. Stringer being on good, he’s probably the reason stringer came to Essendon and the person Reboot indicated as a poor one.

He has been at the club a long time, I think a fresh person coming in would be a good change.



I’m afraid I still don’t get it. That might be my own fault.

But I would definitely be keeping Skipworth. He may not have been much of a player at senior level, but if he knows how to coach he’ll do me.


Is he related to Juan Antonio Samaranch?


Thing I like about that one is Parish. Involved in the initial clearance in D50 - then works up inside the F50 and presents a lead up option. Port basically just let him run unchecked too.


Port too busy guarding space


Guarding space transitioning to redundancy.


hey, at least my patch of grass didn’t score the goal


sigh, if only we had a forward leading at the ball in that situation hey


Despite the uproar on blitz earlier in year this is exactly what Woosh would have meant in terms of wanting to play slower/playing on too quickly where the situation required otherwise

Nothing to kick to. Hold it up. Wait for numbers forward and also our defence to setup across the ground. Then try and spot a target.

That said it looks like Zaka just straight out missed Parish with a regulation pass and luckily Lang had got in behind that contest. A turnover from that spot would not have been ideal.


I think Hooker is an Essendon man through and through. That’s it.


I think we are missing the fact it was not just the team that impoved in the 2nd half of the yr.
The coaching did too.


The peculiar thing about Hinkley and Port.

When they initially came up the ladder they were full of run. 1 ruckman (when many clubs were still playing 2), 1 tall forward (when many clubs still played 2), a lot of runnijg mids and flankers. And they outran teams in the last quarter, week after week.

They’ve completely gone away from that, for some reason.


Of course. But instead, we got a whole bunch of nuffies going on mockingly about how Conor was singled out because ‘he was too fast’. Seriously, some people are farkin embarrassing.


Don’t agree. We couldn’t play any slower than we did in the first half of the year, when we could all clearly see that the only time we looked threatening was when McKenna and Saad stuck it under their arm and took off.
Poor forward structure, and everytime we worked the ball slowly to centre wing, the player with the footy would turn around and kick backwards. And every supporter would lose their ■■■■ because it was unwatchable. So for McKenna to be singled out at that time of the year, was even more infuriating for supporters because he was actually playing a style of footy that was trying to win games.
no brainer to slow the game down when there is nothing forward.


There is no ‘winning of games’ by running ahead and kicking the ball to the opposition.
Whether it is poor forward structure or effort, or midfield not spreading hard enough - there is zero point in giving the ball back to the opposition.

You can cut this as many ways as you like. Worsfold was not making a negative comment about Conor, his efforts, his skills or his work rate. He was trying to explain, without saying overly much, what went wrong with the game. The open-minded listener would understand that it was about an overall structure and cohesion, and not about any one player in particular.
But people like to point fingers - it makes them feel bigger.


People also like to point fingers at those who point fingers. Makes them feel bigger


I hear some shave their Pubes off for the same reason, … :smirk:


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