John "given em nothin" Worsfold


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Maybe if you did some lower level work with your pointing finger …


Are you familiar with Brother Lee Love?

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Staple of my childhood.

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That’s funny, … but I’m amazed how many references there are to “Dialing” a Push Button phone out there …


Did you actually watch the first Freo game? We repeatedly ran out of the backline, past our forwards who had gotten sucked up the ground, into a wall of opposition and then panicked and turned the ball over. It didn’t make us look threatening, it made us look stupid.

There was a lot of things going wrong in the first part of the year, including what you’ve outlined above, but kamikaze runs with the ball weren’t going to fix those issues. The game is more complicated these days than run as fast as you can and kick the ball as long as you can to the big guys.

Aside from our forward structure holding better, as the year progressed you could see that our run out of the backline had a lot more thought and process to it and that repeatedly on the occasions where they did find themselves in the same position, that they had actually listened to the coaches and adjusted accordingly. They did this by either sharing the ball around by hand in running waves until something opened up or by holding onto it and giving time for someone to present into the open space

Despite the improvement there’s still lots of work to do in this regard, which is backed up by Harvs’ comments on the Lunchtime podcast


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ALASTAIR Clarkson says commentators who suggested he could have a profound influence on Hawthorn’s qualifying final against Richmond are “sheep”, arguing that successful teams are built on sound systems rather than brilliant matchday moves.

“I don’t mean to be too unflattering, but you guys were like a bunch of sheep. Someone (who) brings up the fact that Clarkson is going to tactically have an impact on this game hasn’t watched the way I coach for 14 years,” Clarkson said.

"We’re a system-based coaching side and that’s why Richmond are so strong at the moment; they’re system based. Every side that has won premierships, they’re system-based, none of it is tactics.

"You’ll occasionally win a game of footy with something spectacular, but not usually in finals. And all of the successful coaches over the journey have all had a really, really strong system.


That’s fine but every premier from the last 15 or so years has used a system based philosophy drummed into on a core group of players over 5 years or so. I’m not sure you can sustain a system by adding a few overpriced mercenaries along the way once a few of your original group start to drop off. Geelong have tried it and although they’ve stayed there abouts they’ve won 3 finals in 8 years after appearing in most series. They haven’t looked like challenging and look way less threatening than the 5 year period they where.
Free agency actually threatens this model of system based in that if everyone starts doing it there are going to be less dynasties and more one off premiers. Sticking with that group of hand picked draftees brought through by a few experienced stars will give some short term pain but based on recent history of hawks and Geelong seem to be the way to go.
I actually hope we don’t go too nuts with free agency - you kind of saw the time it took for the three s’s to click and it might actually be something that curtails teams every time they top up.
But everyone wants it now these days.


What on earth would he know?


Strange. Then why does he have so many people in the coaches box on match day?


And getting back to the old argument, Richmond have shown you build your game plan around the cattle at your disposal.


What about having a great ststem,AND the ability to apply certain tactics when required?

Anyway,tactics mean fk all if the system is flawed is his point.


Clarkson admitted they over possessed the footy (which didn’t suit conditions) and also didn’t take their chances.

Tigers with 30 more inside 50’s

Clearly played in their fwd half moreso for the game.

The weather was always going to be a big factor IMO given Hawks like to retain possession

Him noting match day tactics mean very little it’s about the system flies in the face of everyone whose bagged Woosh on that.

Clarkson not only has had the best system over the years but every player understands it/drilled into them so it’s 2nd nature.


After the second half of the year I had changed my opinion on Woosha.

But now Clarkson is on this side of the argument I hate him again.