John "given em nothin" Worsfold


Yep, we can learn nothing at all from history.

Though actually spears are really good for hunting tigers; gives the tigers a much better chance.


Love a good analogy.

But if your gun doesn’t work, then only a moron would keep trying it rather than throwing a spear.


reminds me of one of Noonan’s posts


Soccer is a very, very different game to footy.


Only a moron (your term, not mine) would stop using the gun and pick up a spear because you missed a few targets.


Not really how the analogy works.
The guy went out with his gun, that didn’t work so he grabbed a spear and killed the tiger.
These days we have a lot of people saying, ‘When will you people understand that I’m a gun man!’
And getting eaten.

Not that I buy any of it.
Not a single bit.


I’m not sure footy forum analogies have a definitive right and wrong (other than the obvious, that anyone who disagrees with you is wrong, a bully and a name-caller)

But maybe the gun wasn’t the problem. My point was sometimes people just stuff up, and it doesn’t indicate much. Would stuart diamond switch to archery if he failed in his first heat? I half get the feeling you’d call him out, for stubbornly trying again.


Never really takes long with you.


It’s certainly easier than explaining your point.


No, I just have no time for your personal garbage.
If you said that to me in a pub, I’d snort and walk away on you mid-sentence, which is what I’m doing.


Britney and Tiger like it rough hey


or you could just explain your point.


Or you could get the hint and stop following me around the pub.


What a great idea ! Using spears against Richmond .


I would have assume that Wim saying the gun doesn’t work means that it has malfunctioned in a way that’s not fixable in the immediate term, and he is therefore unarmed unless he picks up the spear.

And I would also assume that that was ■■■■■■■ obvious.


After reading all these posts, I am just going to let the farking tiger eat me.


Hope the tiger doesn’t get indigestion…or will you talk him into joining a Predators Union, and singing the Internationale.


but does the tiger have a daughter?


I was on business in India about 20 years ago, and was sitting in a very pleasant garden drinking a Kingfisher at what used to be a toffy British Club, now the realm of wealthy Indians. It bordered a forest and as I sat with some Indian colleagues, I could hear a loud growling coming from the forest. Iasked what it was, to be told, it was only a Tiger. I saw small children playing in the forest, and asked those with me if it was safe for them. The response seemed very serious, and was; they are just tiger food.

One day AN10, I look forward to singing the Internationale for you.


As I recall form 2014 Arsenal won 3 FA cups in 4 years with top 4 finishes in the EPL in those years. In no way a disgrace. But clearly Arsene was just off the necessary level, preaching the same message endlessly and change was needed.