John "given em nothin" Worsfold


It’s a throwaway analogy, and we’ve long since passed it’s limits - but how has anyone determined the gun’s not working, and can’t be fixed, to the point where a spear is definitively the better option?

It shouldn’t need pointing out but infantry stopped carrying even bayonets half a century ago. Ergo, the gun is still the go to option for killing anyone/anything, even if it sometimes doesn’t work.

Sometimes things just don’t work properly.


I follow Arsenal. Here’s my side of it then with my comparison to Essendon.

Arsenal went from a team that would challenge for the title, to a team to that would finish top 4 with CL, to a team that are now outside of the top 4 with Europa League.

The issue was that they didn’t improve enough compared to their rivals. The owner was happy for top 4 and CL money. One year missing CL can be forgiven by two years out and that was it.

New coach now has the job of returning them to Top 4 with CL. If he does that by season 2 he can have a long reign as Arsenal manager.

With Essendon our goal like every other team is to win Premierships. In this league you are either in contention for a flag or a building for one. The key is to know when you fall out of contention and begin to load up again as soon as you can.

I hope we are in a position to contend for the Premiership next year. We don’t want to fall into a position like Geelong where they are topping up every year but slowly getting further away from a flag. I think Adelaide is in a similar boat even though they made a grand final last season. Hawthorn hopefully the same and Sydney.

Worsfold has just had his season where we have finished out of finals. And like Wegner missing CL spots he better make finals next season.

Otherwise it will be WOOSHA OUT!


Not as far back but recent coaches have learnt defence strategies from the history books. Wars from hundreds even thousands of years ago defensive formations and learnings can be and still are implemented.
Sheedy, Malthouse, Clarkson are prime examples.
The Art of war is used to this day and is from 2,500 years ago.




What if the gun had a bayonet attachment?
Can someone please explain that? If you use an analogy to explain it, I’ll give you an internet point.


I’d argue that the most recent premiership winners definitely used bayonets in close combat with great success.

Do modern rifles still have bayonets?


Essentially, probably best to bring a knife to a gun fight.

And a gun.


I advocate talking a gun to a knife fight.


Also a knife.


john was gonna use elephants but well… someone got in the way.


Our Steyers are set up to take one.


And a spear.



I want to become more holy.




Also: “Woosher”?



Then I think that conclusively settles whatever the hell it is we were arguing about.


is that a hard r?


The Art of War (at EFC)

Neeld to Woosha : A victorious army opposed to a routed one, is as a pound’s weight placed in the scale against a single grain.

Woosha to Heppell: Simulated disorder postulates perfect discipline, simulated fear postulates courage; simulated weakness postulates strength.

Hepp to players : hey bro’s if you are down back pass it to beej, anywhere else just kick it to joey.


Or Paul salmon after sheedy 93 grand final speech.