John "given em nothin" Worsfold


Who did Sun Tzu play for ?


Gold Coast.


Helu Kings I believe.


Sometimes I don’t understand what is going on…[quote=“Deckham, post:3872, topic:12973”]


And also why all that crap is at the end of my post…


Not sure, but Shanghai was his home ground so Port SPHU.


There was conjecture in late 2016 that Worsfold wanted to bring fellow WEAGLE Eric MacKenzie in to bolster our defence.
Eric has just retired due to chronic foot injury. Glad we didn’t go with that idea. Probably best to leave list management to Jackets.


Was not even discussed.


Hang on, are you telling us that rumours and hopes posted on here don’t count? Surely if it’s posted in a trade thread on here it must have happened


John Worsfold says Essendon will target West Coast pair Eric MacKenzie and Mitch Brown during trade period

ESSENDON coach John Worsfold is planning a raid on West Australian clubs with out-of-favour Eagles Eric Mackenzie and Mitch Brown firmly in his sights.


Herald SunAUGUST 29, 20165:52PM

Eric Mackenzie and Mitch Brown are in the Bombers’ sights. Source:News Corp Australia

ESSENDON coach John Worsfold is planning a raid on West Australian clubs with out-of-favour Eagles Eric Mackenzie and Mitch Brown firmly in his sights.

Worsfold also flagged a willingness to pursue “others” at Fremantle including small forward Hayden Ballantyne who has been linked to Geelong in a possible trade for Cat Shane Kersten.

“There’s a couple of key defenders at West Coast that look like they’ve had their positions taken by a young player called (Tom) Barrass,” Worsfold said.

“They’re players that who knows where they sit … Mackenzie and Brown didn’t play a lot in the second half of the year, or a lot this year.”

Eric Mackenzie was once a fixture in the Eagles backline, before he was cut down by a knee injury. Source:News Corp Australia

Mackenzie, 28, has played just 13 games so far this season — none since Round 19 — with swingman Jeremy McGovern holding down the key defensive post alongside Barrass.

Mackenzie was in All Australian calculations two years ago before a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament forced him to miss the entire 2015 season.

Essendon remains “absolutely” interested in Gold Coast Suns star Jaeger O’Meara, but won’t be rushed into making a decisions with the first pick in the national and pre-season drafts already in its possession.

“We’ve got plenty to think about,” Worsfold told SEN.

“Names like O’Meara come up (and) we’re obviously very interested in him, but there’s a lot of stuff that we have to do to work out what’s best for us going forward to add to our list.


“We’re going to make sure that we use this draft and this preseason draft to the best of our ability to improve our squad and get us ready to climb the ladder.”

Worsfold said he will sit down with captain Jobe Watson in the next “couple of weeks”, as soon as he gets back from overseas.

“I really hope he plays on because I know he can play good footy and I’m really confident that if he comes back he’ll enjoy his last couple of years of playing the game.”

Mitch Brown would add depth to the Bombers’ defence. Picture: Mark Evans Source:News Corp Australia


It’s a pity we didn’t get Mitch Brown.


Basically came out of Worsfolds mouth in a presser. Yes, but was never discussed. ?


I almost wish we did just for the sake of having TWO Mitch Browns


It wasn’t ever discussed. Regardless of what Worsfold may have wanted, discussions with football dept, list management, player managers, players etc were never had. Do not take what you read about what someone wants, as being the same as what actually happens. The only thing in that that actually grew legs was O’Meara.


And that particular idea was cut off at the knees


You really think everything they say in a press conference is the truth? The whole industry is about lying.

Plus, it would be interesting to see the actual interview, because based on the quotes in that article it doesn’t really look like he said we’re interested. That was just the journos spin.


Its an entirely plausible proposition. Worsfold coached MacKenzie for 7 years and knew the person. MacKenzie was a good player. He was the Eagles BNF in 2014 and among the top 10 KPDs in the AFL, but suffered an ACL tear. It was all downhill from there and would not have cost much at all in terms of $ and picks by 2016.

But if you are saying Worsfold might have lied, I cannot rule that out.



Woosha on The Front Bar tomorrow night.


Was supposedly on the Sam McClure show tonight but I missed it unfortunately. Anything noteworthy spoken of tonight?