John "given em nothin" Worsfold


“yeah, good question…” proceeds to not answer question.


Ha ha,thats so him.


Only cringeworthy


Yep. Just caught the sound bite of it. Strange interview, a couple quick questions on Laverde & Stewart & then a preview of the finals matches. An Ess fan would get donuts out of that interview.


Sam McClure has his own show. FMD why do these cretins get airtime.


Woosha will be on The Front Bar tonight if anyone is interested in a good laugh.


SEN interview here


Woosha dragged out a few skeletons; was grappling with G. Ablett in an early 90’s game and couldn’t hold back with the head butt. Woosha unfortunately got it wrong because he was the one that ended up with the claret streaming out of a cut eye.


That article from couple years ago barely even said that we were looking, all Worsfold said there was that there were a couple of eagles players who had the spot taken by Barrass.


Watched it and he was great.

Really wish he could impart more of that ruthless streak he had as a player on the team as a whole.


The Toby Greene joke was in poor taste.


Any complaint like that…you wouldn’t have a leg to stand on…well, maybe one!


It was certainly a kick in the guts.


Yeah, he put the foot in it.


If you don’t like it then pull the other leg.


I heard the leg had to came off from a case of ganGreene.


What you see in the media is not necessarily all there is to see.


Reading a lot of Worsfold thoughts in the media, listening to him in presser.

I’m convinced he still has it and will take us to a flag.


He should wear those short sleeve shirts and daggy big glasses again. The dorky assassin.*

*apologies to any BBlitzers who wear short sleeve shirts and daggy big glasses.


“I wish I was Sipowicz…”