John "given em nothin" Worsfold


That’s how I picture you.


Funny guy. Liked him on the front bar


Tom Landry’s hat


Business hammocks.


Ah the hammock district


That’s on third.


If you fark this up again I swear to farkin’ god…




That’s 4 decent players he’s had some influence in landing/ SSSS.
Keep the momentum going on the field Woosh.


Huge pressure on the coaching panel now.

But let’s face it, the way we played the last 15 games, there are alot more positives at the end of 2018 than 2017


John and the other coaches have the list now. John also has the contract, so that won’t be a distraction during the season. The time is now.


no excuses


Agree, with Shiel coming in Worsfold has no excuses now.


I can’t remember if anyone of note missed for the Eagles that day, but our current squad looks favourably comparable with his 2006 Premiership winning team

West Coast Eagles
B: 37 Adam Selwood 23 Darren Glass 44 David Wirrpanda
HB: 38 Brett Jones 39 Adam Hunter 8 Beau Waters
C: 10 Michael Braun 9 Ben Cousins 32 Andrew Embley
HF: 17 Daniel Chick 29 Ashley Hansen 5 Tyson Stenglein
F: 7 Chad Fletcher 21 Quinten Lynch 18 Rowan Jones
Foll: 20 Dean Cox 3 Chris Judd © 4 Daniel Kerr
Int: 35 Steven Armstrong 6 Drew Banfield 26 Sam Butler
14 Mark Seaby
Coach: John Worsfold


So @benfti do we have the cattle now?


Still think we need to water down our expectations a bit. We had a very good last 3 month’s but did lose to the top 4 teams except Eagles (albeit smashed them over there). Still got some ground to make up


There’ll be no flag next year.
Hopefully a top 6 finish.
2020 we seriously launch.




Yeah I agree. On talent we technically could launch straight in to the top 4 but realistically that probably won’t happen. If we can beat the teams we should beat (as well as putting a couple of bottom 4 teams to the sword which is something we didn’t really do this year) and finish 5th or 6th I think it would be a very nice regular season.

Now, about winning finals…


Although recent history does tell us that sides outside the 8 can become contenders very quickly.