John "given em nothin" Worsfold


LOL that was a weird press conference. Either he is trying to now be a hard prick, or he knows his position is in deepnshit, or he is just losing the plot. Either way comical press conference.


yeah i heard it. that was wack.


I assume someone at the meeting said it’s time we started decking cnuts, so he did.


Worsfold the Essendon coach needs to be more like Worsfold the West Coast captain. Knock anyone in the way - out of the farking way. Take control and be ruthless. The lame ■■■■ crap he has served up publically has to change. Let hope today is the start.

He might not do it behind closed doors, but going easy on the players publicly gives them a way out. I don’t want that. I want an uncompromising attitude at all times. Name names if they aren’t doing what they are coached to do. This demonstrates that we are striving for excellence which involves winning premierships.


It’s obvious watching each week that we lack on field leadership even though we have great players across each line.

As captain I would love Heppell to address that side of his game in a similar way Cotchin did and add an element of mongrel to his game. He sets the standard afterall.


That press conference was worse than anything Mick Malthouse ever dished out in terms of pricklyness. I’m a bit surprised people think it’s a good thing.

I get that people want him to show emotion and give answers, so do I. I get the general disdain for MSM. That to me wasn’t either of those things.

To me that looked like a man severely under pressure and not handling it at all well.


Has Doison ever been suspended? (excluding the obvious)

Maybe he should start running past the ball a bit.

I can’t wait until we are hated again, not laughed at


Dyson is a ball player, same with Zaharakis.
Parish & Smith are probably the most unsociable mouthy players, but they are runts.
If David “protect the kids” Myers was a enforcer then we would be a lot more acceptable when he is in the team.
if we want someone decked, then Need Ambrose to start off the square and line someone up.
or Bellchambers, Hooker, Joey D to crash a pack with maximum impact.


Yep it’s only going to get worse

We keep loosing won’t last the year imo as Robbo said the club were smart this time Worsfolds contract would have get out clauses so if the club were to sack him the payout will be minimal.


I think Worsfold took aim at the wrong person, mentioning Lloyd on multiple occasions.
Lloyd only ever wants whats best for Essendon, and speaks openly in that way.
This team is not playing like it is even close to being a good team let alone a great team. It might be the aim to have a team player lead and driven, but Worsfold should we are not there yet, and that means that he should be wearing that responsibility.


It would be a start.
It should have been The start.

But then, we’re talking about a guy who played the best tagger in the league not as a tagger because that’s not the game plan that very friggin’ few of the players at the time would ever get to see over giving games to players you actually intended to keep on the list beyond that season, so selection hasn’t ever been his greatest asset.


It must be very difficult to work with these vipers. The accredited puppets have persecuted our club, it seems forever. Worsfold obviously has to front up to these clowns and even though at times their questions are reasonable, he, better than anyone will know the manipulation of facts, deletion of bits that are not helpful, and general thuggery that they propagate. Alas, only turning things around on the field will distract the feral hoard.


He’s under pressure big time and will cop it even more if we don’t see a change in the way we play or getting flogged by Geelong


He quit Sydney?


As Hirdy said.
Leaders needed to have a meeting / dinner and work out how they are going to attack geelong, and get themselves out of this mess.

Who needs to step up

  • Heppell, Zach Merrett, Zaharakis, Goddard(if he plays), Hooker, Smith (he has been great),


I’ll give Carlton credit on this, they were smart to put Bolton on a rolling year on year contract


“Good teams are coach driven and great teams are player driven”.
I think the statement is correct but the coach does need to motivate, build confidence and help get the players to that point.
I don’t think we’re at that point due to young leadership, list changes and majority of our list being so young. I’m surprised he hasn’t coached from the interchange so he can reinforce the message constantly and maintain their focus.


Yep agree the can sack him anytime they want without minmal fuss


The journos (as much as I hate them) didn’t ask any bad or annoying questions yet he answered them like a prick.

Embarrassing and cringe-worthy vision.


I don’t like that message we are not a good team so he needs to coach when the team can win a flag or 2 then it can be player driven.

Just coach the team John