John "given em nothin" Worsfold


Yes, but before they become a self driven champion team they need strong direction. It’s like steps a, b and c were missed on their journey to greatness. For goodness sake they’re not even a good / reliable team. What does that tell you John!?

Oh, and I’m glad Essendon’s went early on signing Worsfold to escape any media circus surrounding his future. Great foresight that


If anything it made the situation worse becasue now the club look like idiots for extending his contract


He’s still deflecting it onto the players.


Simple question: the Magoos are doing well, so who’s doing the inside mid graft for them ?



That’s awesome


how can you step up when you’ve already stepped up so far you’re above Everest?


Meant more he is a leader IMO thats why hes in the group…there the guys that need to play well.


I sort of agree. Giving the supporters something in terms of what we are aiming for is useful and part of the landscape when coaching Essendon. Its easier to take a loss if you know a bit of the bigger picture.

It doesn’t have to be in detail. You can talk about some of the core things. Contested footy. Intercept marking.

Buckley has extended his tenure purely on his ability to articulate IMO. A large chuck of their supporters have taken 5 or so years of going backwards based on understanding the reasons why they have been going backwards.

His complete transparency is good PR but they are still crap.

Complete transparency is not always practical eg. If we believed Joe could strengthen his groin issue whilst still playing, then you might not mention it.

To avoid hiding this from your supporters, the alternative is to have a policy of "injured player sits it out and we get him better off the field. No hiding stuff. "

I don’t know where the line is. Our culture is less transparent probably because of the history of success and high expectations and the ex champions and the mates of ex champions weighing in with opinion from outside and inside the club.

On the whole, I think a tweek towards greater transparency is in order. The coming clean on the injury issues is a start.

Greater transparency works best if their is a culture that can take frank feedback and honesty, respects it and doesn’t go on a witch hunt.

If Joe is injured do we have to listen to the chorus of how Crow farked up.

People make mistakes in organisations. They make calls, take calculated risks and sometimes they don’t work out.

I reckon Worsfold banked that our players would have responded to the faith shown in them. With a confident group of players who have more of a well to go to, generally we would have seen more of a bounce in at least one or two of the last few games. He took that calculated risk. Generally Essendon players do find something in the well.

Was that the wrong call? Personally I would have done something similar (although I would have played Clarke as grunt always helps get you out of a hole) to show faith.

In the longer game. There are quite a few guys who know somewhere inside that they owe John for that.

Jesus. What a rant.


I think Wosha is saying, " I, as the coach, can take the team only so far. I can take them to be a good team. The step to a great team, well that needs the players to rise and (help) drive that step.

Combine that with Houli_Dooli’s post above,
As Hirdy said.
Leaders needed to have a meeting / dinner and work out how they are going to attack geelong, and get themselves out of this mess.

There is a clear onus on the players to do their part.

Think back to 2000. Sure Sheedy played a role. But you know the players drove their 1999 disappointment into 2000. I think Hird mentioned they had a dinner is East Melbourne post 1999 where they discussed what happened and what they wanted to do.

I think the frustration is also on the players not doing what they are capable of doing. As we’ve discussed poor skills under little / no pressure leading to turnovers… that lies with the players.


you reckon it was fair enough that the last question was “whether he felt safe”?

Pack of dicks, all of them. Thought they smelt a bit of ■■■■■ and got all lathered up. Leading questions and opened ended statements without context. He did exactly what I would hope from any coach in that circumstance, and that’s call out the garbage for what it is.


Thought Woosha was awesome today - like most weeks, gives them absolutely farking nothing. They ask the same question in 400 different ways, that in itself in farking annoying. “Was Neeld chief strategist?” No. “Was Neeld chief tactician?” No. “Will the team tactics change now that Neeld has gone?” Well, they can change without Neeld leaving. “So the tactics are changing?”. Like fark off already.


We need to be a good team before we can be a great team. so Woosha you have to earn your salary for the next couple of years. Then when we’re a great team you can sit back and let the players do the driving.


I will back him in when I start to see changes at the selection table and he takes away the gold passes from players.


It’s not a rant, it’s a thoughtful post.
And the only issue I have with it, really, is that…okay, hang on, I have a few, but they’re minor.

  • Buckley is not now nor has has ever been a crap coach, no matter what the peanut gallery or salty old legacy protecting Malthouse might tell you. He gets his team to play better than people think, and his ‘build the midfield and the talls will come’ may very well be a more successful long term strategy than people expect.
  • Dead bat works fine when you can you can point to your achievements. Treating the media, and the extent to which the media is a conduit to the supporters is dismissed by some people here does my head in, with contempt only works if…you know…you’re in a position to be contemptuous.
    Worsfold is not in that position.
  • Nobody’s talking about putting players at risk to targeting by exposing what injuries they’re carrying.
  • People respect the admission that a mistake has been made Far more than they respect ‘this is fine.’ I’m sorry, pretending everything is fine while you sack a major component of your coaching team mid-season just makes you look like a petulant moron.

I think that’s mostly it.
But generally I agree with what you’ve said.


You’re easily impressed, i thought the interview was garbage. Couldn’t give a solid answer to anything, let them get to him despite most of the questions being completely legitimate. Carried on like a petulant child. If only the team he coached showed the same aggression on the field we might not be the worst team in the competition.


Wait, I thought we are sacking not backing. Make up your ■■■■■■■ mind.


“Back Worsfold,” eh ? What, into a corner ?


Won’t be the last presser he will face like this.


And we’ve heard it. It seems some just can’t, don’t, or won’t hear it.


which fkg clapper mod changed the title?