John "given em nothin" Worsfold



Is it haters that hate 2-6?
Or is it haters that love it?



Just haters that love to hate something, . anything, … everything?


So after a decent press conference we’re back on board. Are some of these people responsible for his contract extension? How about we see selections and some half decent play before we re-annoint him saviour.


I’d invite you to really examine that statement.


Ta, … but nah, … I’m good.


I’m sorry, but I’m going to push you on this.
Are you saying it’s wrong to hate 2-6?
Are you saying that’s unreasonable?

Are we supposed to just ignore losing…well, either the 2IC or 1IC, depending on who you listen to?

Is everyone who is annoyed at this just a hater?


Why do you bother? It’s just your head meeting a brickwall

He posted “haters gonna hate” ya just can’t reason with that


Just for some perspective…
We won three games for the year with the top up team.
And it really, really, really should have been four.

So how are we going?


I have no idea how anyone is optimistic. I can’t name one positive from the year.

Happy to be corrected.


Neeld is gone


Aaaaaaaand a little more perspective.




I’d say Smith, and what he has brought to the team is a positive.
Otherwise… sadly, I’ve got nothing else, to date, as a positive.


Agreed. 1 thing.


Literally the only positive.
I’m hopeful that it is a careful approach to systematically weed out the garbage.
biggest, most obvious piece gets thrown out first.
Step 1 down


Exactly. In relation to how Wooshas presser was viewed either positively, or negatively.

People hear what they want to hear and view as they will, dependent on thier perspective, I would have thought that was fairly fkn simple to understand and ranked about a zero on the controversy scale. ffs.


He’s really not actually.
Well, not internally anyway.


I’m worried, independent from football about Worsfold mental well-being.

He looks like he hasn’t slept properly in weeks.


It is a positive- some of us adopt the position that one positive could conceivably flow to another and so on.