John "given em nothin" Worsfold


Oh dear, … Article up on the websites in 3, …2, …


I genuinely feel for some supporters on how much their happiness appears invaded by the football club not performing. Some of the despair is palpable and really seems unhealthy (psychologically). Don’t get me wrong, this season has been diabolical when compared to expectations - but the vitriol, condescension and sniping towards any sort of mild optimism is pretty toxic.


I didn’t change the thread title.

Looked like a donkey on the edge during the presser, hanging on by a thread.

Despite this I’ve got a feeling we’ll come out and get a win this weekend.




I’d love some optimism from the club.
I would have thought the events of the last week would have made it…kind of easy to engender some.

But no.


You’d probably just ridicule the optimism as misplaced.


I really, really wouldn’t.
Assuming there was something behind it beyond, ‘It’s the players job to figure it out and they’e going to.
Any day now.’

You know what would give me optimism?
The suggestion that the coaches and players are on the same page.
That the coaches take even the tiniest, tiniest bit of responsibility for their friggin’ job.

Until then…


You’re not recognising that Neeld, who was a coach, was given the tap and it’s an indication of the tiniest, tiniest and even more tiny piece of ownership.


For Neeld, maybe?
Did you hear that presser?

Every. Last. Bit. of goodwill and optimism and hope was sucked out of that decision by Worsfold.

Get with the program.
Neeld means nothing.
He didn’t and doesn’t matter.


Worsfold and/or the author trolling us hard re: forced changes! Also grammatically-challenged.

Discussing the side, [Worsfold] told them there would be two “forced changes” to the side as he revealed the news to the enthusiastic playing group.

“The forced changes are the forced because of the form of Clarkey and Riddles, they’re coming into the team,” Worsfold said.


Why don’t you just spell it out succinctly instead of constantly dancing around it.
You want Worsfold gone.


Because he doesnt need to repeat himself for the 1000th time?


Oh, have I been keeping that a secret?

“Just a bit of pride I would have thought is the main emotion. We had quite a few youngsters out there, which we have most weeks, for them to experience that feeling of winning, is really important for them.”

Is what our opposing coach said.


There you go again…


Quoting opposition coaches?
Yeah, I always do that, you ■■■■■■■ tool.


In what capacity did Neeld not matter?

Legitimately don’t understand what your suggesting?


Running past the ball should not be confused with toughness and appetite to win.


Woosha’s presser today May 16 is the first time I have seen him prickly and anything other than courteous and controlled when facing the press. His body language and responses around Neeld and the Baguley incident were indicative of a man under pressure. It is the media’s role to explore the story and we are currently a story. If nothing else we can perhaps hope that if this is a man with his back to the wall; we may yet see a bit of mongrel.


Media: Were there communication issues?

Worsfold: In what regard?

Media: In regards to Mark and the assistant coaches?

Worsfold: Not that I was aware of, there was a lot of communication. We meet daily, so plenty of communication there. So I’m not really sure, you need to be more specific, are you talking coaches box, day to day?

Media: All encompassing, but the coaches box was mentioned …

Worsfold: By whom?

Media: It has been mentioned …

Worsfold: By whom?

Media : In the media …

Worsfold: By whom?

Media: By everyone’s that’s involved …

Worsfold: Everyone? So who? What’s your question?

Media: It was to do with communication …

Worsfold: What’s your question?

Media: Is there communication to the standard that you would like?

Worsfold: Between who?

Media: Between the coaches?

Worsfold: It’s all good.


Lol. Really wim. Fark me.