John "given em nothin" Worsfold


I feel this thread is about to blow apart from the baiting


He’s a ■■■■■■■ fool.


Is that a response?
Because…look, I know things have changed rather quickly for you and Darli and stander.
I know we’ve gone from ‘Worsfold’s going to do what he wants and if you don’t like it, tough!’ to…‘Oh, can I please keep my job?’

But please know that I’m happy to engage on actual comments beyond ‘fark me’ and Woosha brought lamingtons to Tasmania so he’s alright by me.


In addition to Smith, I’ve loved the form of McKenna (love bite excepted); Mutch looks good but needs to build his tank; we know a few things that don’t work; we can start building now for 2019 rather than trying to limp into the finals; the players are better informed as to the mountain they’re climbing; the 2s; and Hirdy’s podcast.


It’s hardly the 1st time. He’s been like that in post matcher’s for the past month,… and it depends again on what you want to see, … but I didn’t see him as under any more pressure than the past 4 weeks, . I saw a guy who was frustrated with being asked questions about Neeld, Baguley, Jed fkn Lamb, Clarko, Gill the Dill etc et fkn cetera, and finally being pleased and positive when he was at last actually asked a question related to his Job.

He’s not the club fkn press secretary fcs, … he’s the Coach, and all those things having been asked of, and answered by, the people who are tasked to do so, … I think the scandal chasing flog types just give him the absolute shitts.


Extremely ironic! LOL There was definite communication issues between woosha and that Journo.

If Only Mark Neeld was there to filter those questons


lol! ■■■■■■ myself when I watched that part


How do you extrapolate that into Neeld didn’t matter?


I’m watching that little doggie icon go on and off.
Can’t wait for this.
Seems like it’s actually going to be something.


Tom Wolfe, … author of “Bonfire of The Vanities” has died, … don’t know why it just came to mind :thinking:


What extrapolating is there?
I actually believe he did matter.
Everything I hear from the club is that he didn’t.
He’s moving on to other opportunities.
He wasn’t sacked.
There was never any problem.

What, do you want me to believe other than what the club tells me?

By the way, have you seen an AFL official lately?
If so, I hope you thanked him.


Mate, you just talk around in circles these days. I doubt the club can do anything sensible that you would approve of anymore. And if you are really going to get your knickers in a knot over a coach’s press conference I don’t even know what to say myself.

And nothings changed for me thanks. I still back Worsfold. I still want the changes I’ve wanted all along. Apart from Neeld, I still have the same complaints I’ve had for quite a while. The difference between us at the moment is that I don’t go screaming, ranting, and raving at every opportunity.




I’m going to have to correct you there.
I’m fully in support of the club seeking other revenue sources.
I don’t think it detracts from the core business.
I don’t care about our mission statement.
I do not and have not criticized the board or what they’re doing.
I don’t go into individual player threads to bag them.
I did not create a thread (nor have commented on said thread) saying our senior players are butter soft.

My ‘screaming, ranting and raving’ are very targeted and specific.
Oh, wow.
Which thread are we in?
It just happens to be in the coach one!

On which you have nothing to say other than you continue to have blind faith in him.
Well, good for you.


Finally got around to watching the presser everyone has been talking about. From my point of view:

Some of that was pretty embarrassing. Some of the questions were legitimate normal questions and he was acting like a flog

He hasn’t spoken to bags? Really? Poor man management

We will still be playing with the same set up and style as earlier in the season

Worsfold believes great team are player led, god teams are coach led. I would settle for just being a good team at the moment.its all good putting it on the players to lead but when they show they are incapable of it the coach needs to take control

There might be changes or their might not be at selection

A lot of corporate speaking about playing the way we want to play, alignment etc

Surprised people are getting all excited by it to be honest. Looked like a guy that didn’t have a lot of answers or confidence


They were hardly going to come out and dump on Neeld about the situation. Part of the reason exits are managed in the way they are is out of respect for the person

“Family reasons/business choices” spouted and club thanking person for their hard work

But it’s clear to all and there was enough info coming out that Neeld and the way things were being run by him was the problem and he’s been outed

It appears as though majority of strategy and game plan related talking with players came through him & only him. As he was responsible for developing it. It’s wasnt working. Players confused. Players don’t have belief or buying in because no faith in the messenger.

What happens from here now will be interesting given the line coaches should get to run their areas how they want to/working with Woosh. Make moves on ground how they want to etc

Will the players play with more freedom. They should do. Confidence at all time low however so getting them back up and about the key.


You’re right. Neeld created problems. It was not workable to keep him on. He was let go. That’s a positive, even a tiny positive yet there is a fool going on and on about the clubs camouflaged statement. Big ■■■■■■■ deal.


Answering questions with a question

Overwhelmed and under the pump

If we lose to Brisbane and are 2-10…now that will be a presser to watch


you do understand thats a typical response to a question like that?

‘did you see the incident where player x hit player y high’
‘nah sorry didnt see it’

of course they did

‘did you know what was said on field which started the melee?’
‘nah sorry dont know’

‘have you spoken to player x about being a prick on field’
‘nah i havent im sure player x will learn how to behave’

etc etc etc etc


Why is he a fool just becuase you don’t agree with him?

If worsfold is sacked at the end of the year am I allowed to come on here and call you a fool for thinking he was the right man?