John "given em nothin" Worsfold


Did I miss something? Why are we now backing worsfold in?


clappers regrouped after neelds sacking.


Noting that most coaches get sacked, Malthouse said it was utterly humiliating and that the AFLCA was not structured to provide assistance.
When he was coach at WCE Worsfold noted that Parkin was sacked 4 times but was a great coach.
When WCE went down the tube, Worsfold walked.


Who ever said “we” weren’t??

Does a few malcontents constitute all?




Um, the thread title?


Fine, Wim - but to be honest - you stand to lose extremely little. It’s not like anything would come of it.
I imagine it will go something like this:

“Hey Wim! Remember when you kept on saying that Worsfold was the WORST COACH EVER and that you put your balls on it and everything, and you’d wear it if you were worng? Remember?? Well - what do you have to say now, eh?”

“Oh - well - you were right. Let’s celebrate this premiership together, and put all that behind us. Go Bombers” *

*may not be an accurate representation of Wimm’s ‘voice’.
Because I’d have to speak in Haiku and go on forever to do that :wink:


Yeah. I don’t think anyone has, or can make that case in any sense yet.


Ohhhhh, I think you underestimate blitz’s capacity for holding a grudge.
I know damn well I’m the poster boy and I’ll wear it forever.


I was actually fully prepared to.
But if you don’t think they can, then what’s the point?

So, fine.
I’m prepared to have my position modified.
You tell me what you see in him.
Why do you think he’s the answer?


Seems like he wasnt really happy with the removal of Neeld.

He better get used it to Woosha becasue unless we start winning and showing improvement he will be under more heat as the weeks progress.


Of course he’s the worst.
You said with the list, we could make top 4.


I didn’t say I thought that, … and I reckon we’ve been exactly here before …


so the crux of it.

‘wim you’re wrong but i won’t say why’

ad nauseum.






I think its time to lighten the mood.

Puns anyone?


‘i think we’ve been here before so i won’t elaborate, but you have to explain for the 500th time why you think what you think’


A ‘fark me’ and a ‘jesus.’
What an erudite bunch you are.

■■■■ off, there’s a good chap.


I clearly said my jury is still out, … fking multiple times, … and asked how, and/or why, you had been able to come to such a definitive conclusion.

Some here could really do with some reading and comprehension refreshers.