John "given em nothin" Worsfold


i R o N y


Disagree Deckham. After we win a final next year I’ll be making a claim so that I can dangle wimm’s tackle from my rear-vision mirror replacing my fading dice.


Now if that were literal, I’d put money on it.


I’m still unsure on wolsfold
But what i don’t understand is how he was such a tough player but our players are soft?


That’s what I don’t get the bloke had a mean hip and shoulder that put players on their ■■■■ you think his team would play the same way.


Expect a press conference to be called on the morning of June 11.


Maybe something in that sentence is accurate?




if you listen to Worsfold, its always the players fault. uses the royal “we” a lot.

Maybe the players are cooked. who knows.

I do know in a fresh environment it hasnt hurt Ryder,Carlisle,Melksham or Hibberd’s football. They are all killing it.

So I think its Woosha.


An undeniable fact, is that he is in charge of our team’s performance - and that has been pretty much crap lately.
But another one is that there is currently not enough data to give any kind of firm answer to whether he is the right coach for us.
Those are positions I will not be swayed from.


Worsfold has the charisma of a cane toad. I have no confidence that he is a decent coach and there is no evidence that he is currently a decent coach. A historic premiership does not make him a good coach now - case in point being malthouse and pagan.

I hope he is decent and can turn things around.


Yikes… that presser was incoherent rubbish.

Rekon he’s losing his ■■■■.


I agree that some of the questions were legitimate, but the majority, to me, were based on made-up media crap. Not once did they reference Richardson’s interview which should form the basis for any line of questioning re Neeld. Only slightly did they reference Campbell’s interview, but only in so far that it fit there “club is not doing well” which equals “scapegoat” Neeld narrative.


yeah he aint got answers. I havent seen a club go fast backwards so fast for a while which is pretty unexplained.

its not like we retired anyone who was killing it last year. and we have brought in quality.

id argue they have all outperformed where those who retired were at.


Perhaps he’s channeling SHEEDS :smile:


is he the right coach for us?

I look at it this way - apply the old investment holdings audit on yourself.

If we didnt have Worsfold - and we were coachless and able to pick from all the available assistants, ex coaches etc including Woosha - would you pick him or somebody else?

You dont hold onto a share you wouldnt buy today, just because you already own it. Sentimental thinking will get you nowhere.


The important thing is he forced the communication professional to repeat that Fark Carlton are the worst team, and just barely stopped himself laughing as they did so.

Fark Carlton.


I think what it comes down to is that it takes a great coach to cultivate a great player driven team. It doesn’t come from nowhere.


That’s a flawed argument. You are basing it on a perception, rather than a fact. We have no idea whatsoever what any other choice would have resulted in at this point of time. This isn’t actually rocket science. Confuses me why it isn’t obvious.


I feel for the bloke, you can see the stress taking a toll. I hate our current predicament as much as anyone, however some of the personal attacks and insults towards him is disgraceful and needs to stop!