John "given em nothin" Worsfold


Yep, we’ve been here before


dude he is paid a million dollars a year.

if you can’t handle the heat you get out of the kitchen.


We get it.


So was Hird, infact he got a million where he didn’t even coach.

Doesn’t mean people don’t deserve some respect


Of course we dont know - nobody does and no, it is has nothing to do with what somebody else what have done until now.

What is exposed is exposed, what is unknown is unknown. Do you have faith that he has this club on the track you want it on? This has to weighed up in contrast to what others are achieving in their own right.

I would bet my bottom dollar that if this hypothetical scenario played out, we would not select woosha as the coach.

To me, it is clear as day he is not a modern day coach. I have the feeling he knows this too. His body language is utterly horrendous.


Worsfold, the sack
Neeld Gone, now he’s back

Worsfold, the sack,
Neeld Gone, now he’s back


I’m not sure that question can be answered yet.

2016 I think he was very good. We all judge differently … some would have preferred we avoided the spoon. Others wanted the number one pick.

2017 to make the finals was great, to lose the way we did was not so great. Things had to change. Some said our game plan would never stand up in finals.

2018 started well and has fallen away badly. I think people are looking for reasons why. I don’t buy the list is no good, I don’t buy our players are soft. I believe there are things within the club that need to change.

I reckon we’ll have more of an idea at seasons end.


I enjoyed watching that press conference, and I’d totally given up on his other such efforts.

Blitz endlessly complains about the media not knowing what they’re talking about but not caring as they’re too busy pushing agendas and creating clicks — when Worsfold makes that clear in half-a-dozen different ways, he gets bagged for it. Bizarre.


He’s gone. Won’t have to be sacked.


Because soooooooooome people can make anything he does/says fit their narrative


Nah mate, I don’t except that!

Based on that theory, the media was then justified for treating Hirdy the way they did during the saga. Look how that worked out for him and his family.






Could be a deeper malaise at the club. When Tanner said that the AFL had been good to us when we were in deep trouble, wonder how that went down with some players.


It is earnt Benfti. thats why Hird stayed on as coach for so long he had it, and I think still does for those in the know.

Had he not been an Essendon champion we would have cut ties with him a lot lot earlier. I am sure of that.

You demand a 1 million dollar salary in any field when you have that respect of you peers.


Do you see how that is a good example of why that old boy culture is actually decimating the club?


It’s a good point. One that I think is not taken seriously enough by pretty much everyone.


Was the old boy culture a problem for all of essendons equal highest 16 premierships or just the last 15 years?


probably yes.

the most convincing argument for a replacement for whoosha if he doesnt turn things is Blake Caracella.

fwiw I think Hird was a good coach without the red and black glasses on.


There’s no comparison to a basically Victorian Amateur competition and a full time professional National competition.