John "given em nothin" Worsfold


I pretty much agree with this & I go back to Des Tuddenham. Will give him till the end of this season to say ‘definitely’ - but he is right up there with the worst that I have seen - given the shape of our list (which I don’t accept is bottom 4 worthy, even though that is where we will most likely end up).


Hird in comparison to his predecessor and his (is there are word for this) aftermath? Was ■■■■■■■ brilliant. In comparison tonthe rest of the league, time and finals, farl knows.


Hmmm, kinda hear you on the media point, but lets remember we have straddled both sides of that line over the last two years.

Bottom line being they’re always, and for a long while will always, be looking for a way to stick it to Essendon who drive lots of passion, good or bad, and have a back story to salivate over either way, whether redemption or evil, that gets them sales, sorry pointless clicks around their firewalls.

So, for me, the one thing we can’t do is let them walk over us, and my feeling is that’s wehere we’ve been at so applaud any aggression to stand our ground, in fact, want more and more and more of it, calling out what we’re facing using facts.

It won’t be pretty, they’ll keep coming at us, use it against us, outright lie etc. but the only way we get our own respect back, imo is to back our team and our story.

We do need to be right carnts in this space, complain to the AFL on everything, like a flood of farking useless corporate speak letters every time a media hack writes a lie until credentials are threatened. Could just imaging boxes of useless paper filling Gil’s office till he can’t see the mirror prpoerly and finally acts.

Now, thats a rant :slight_smile:


What? Yes, that’s exactly the point.


Its too simplistic to judge Woosha as a poor coach after 7 rounds.
And if we finish bottom 4.

There might be a directive over the next couple of weeks,should the season be totally shot, to play all the kids etc…

If that happens,you have to look at other things opposed to just wins and losses.

One of those things is ‘effort’,and right now as it stands-its generally pretty average.


Held his contempt very well.


He will never match up to Kevin Sheedy nor James Hird in our hearts. Jeez get over it, he just cannot win, dammed if he is mild mannered, then blasted when he is not. Give me a break…
A move has been made, still most not happy.


funny how defensive robbo got when kingy brought up he called for hardwick to be sacked after r8 2016


I get the bloke is a premiership coach and his style of coaching worked well with his champion WC team.

I get his calm, non emotive demeanour was perfect for season 2016 in particular.

BUT listening to players from other teams talk about their coach showing EMOTION in the box and how it motivates / inspires them just reinforces the view that Worsfold LACKS a trait that could help move this club forward.

That’s just who he is but I reckon it’s stunting the growth of the team. Reckon his passive facade is COUNTER INTUITIVE for a developing AFL team.


True… but it happens on both sides of the debate. Not many posters take a middle road. It’s the old good or evil narrative.


Sheedy ex Richmond
Knights ex Richmond
Hird Essendon
Worsfold ex WCE
Among assistants:
Neeld ex Melbourne/Collingwood
Harding ex Crows
Going back to the sixties
-Coleman : club icon, two premierships
On the Board:
Wellman ( elected by the members)


Preach it brother


I don’t see the point your trying to make


This is what you said:

If we didnt have Worsfold - and we were coachless and able to pick from all the available assistants, ex coaches etc including Woosha - would you pick him or somebody else?

My answer is - any decision would be made without enough data. And the entire premise of ‘if we were coachless’ and also ‘if we were able to pick from all assistants’ is, to put it politely - silly.

Not going to argue this circle anymore. You are set in your thinking, as am I.




I go back to John Coleman, and I also agree with it.

John Birt coached us in the worst season we had in the '70s. He inherited a situation that is now referred to as a “shitt sandwich”. Nevertheless, he was passionate about us avoiding the spoon. Because he didn’t want to be the first EFC first coach in 40 years to get one.

Thirty plus years after that, Worsher obviously had no regard for Essendon’s history and, by the way the club laid down against the Bears and FCFC, seemed happy to get the spoon, presumably to get the #1 pick.

So as tough as it is to go past Davis as the worst coach in 50+ years, Worsher looks like getting it.


I think she is presenting some facts that suggest we employ many key personnel from outside the Essendon boys network.


Looked agro in the presser today
i reckon his close to giving the boys their first spray


What’s a modern day coach?


One that is winning.
Tail, dog.