John "given em nothin" Worsfold



I’d give that baby a 5 year contract on the spot.


I live in adelaide. No ■■■■ can say a ■■■■■■■ word to me.

Lid off.


The blood is in the water now, watch the media come for him at every losing presser.
Going to get ugly, just like it did when he finished at West Coast.


Even if all the assistants and ex coaches were available? :kissing_heart:


for those that are still undecided about worsfold being the right man. What would make you decide he was the wrong man? Bottom 4 finish, failure to play kids? Genuinely curious.


Yep. We just used the words crack, back and sack in a thread title.


Well this thread does have hairs on it.


I don’t understand why Woosha gets so much credability on here. I agree that he must have been a good coach in 2006 to win a premiership. But have a look at the coaches in 2006 in the list below. Only one other coach from that season is still a head coach - Clarkson. And he has made 5 GFs and won 4 premierships since then. Worsfold would need to be truely exceptional to have such longevity.
We might as well have gone for lethal afterall his three peat was only three years earlier than worsfold’s success. To me his coaching modern credentials were questionable when first appointed. But I could understand the “stability” reasoning. Since 2016, I really haven’t seen anything to convince me to re-assess that view. Quite the contrary.

Essendon - Kevin Sheedy
Adelaide - Neil craig
Carlton - Dennis pagan
Sydney - paul Roos
North Melbourne - dean laidley
Melbourne - Neale Daniher
Bulldogs - Rodney Eade
Geelong - bomber Thompson
Brisbane - Leigh Mathews
Fremantle - Chris Connolly
St Kilda - grant Thomas
Collingwood - Mick Malthouse
Hawthorn - Alastair Clarkson
Richmond - terry Wallace
Port Adelaide - mark Williams


Pink ones ?


All we have to do is wait, we’ll soon find out if Neild was the problem or a scapegoat.

If we continue to play the way we have been and our performances continues to drop off, more heads will undoubtedly roll. Essendon will probably get a nudge from the AFL, because they are the ones who pull our strings.






I wanna know the drugs you’re taking to make that connection…


‘Mark’s not here, man.’


Good question. It’s not win/loss for me. To be honest, I didn’t expect much of us this year. I think the change that we’ve had over the off season has been underestimated. My personal view is that we should be better placed from 2019 onwards.

As for what tips me off the Woosha ledge, it would have to be being in the same position as we are now but next year, and with better support around. I don’t think as a club we’ve surrounded Woosha with good assistants. It’s been pretty poor for mine. I liken it to Richmond in 2016 because our list is good.


The essendon footy club prob had consultants because of the saga. but really perhaps our footy manager needs them nore broadly in the football department?

Someone who knows exactly how Hawthorn or Sydney are set up? Woosha from WCE might begood. But the eagles tend to bottom out hard.

Sydney and Hawthorn obviously have excellent set ups in place. Both dont get “bad” anymore, they dont dwell middle table and they dont finish bottom 4.

I dont buy its just a hero coach. Clarkson has admitted it. Longmire is as dry as Woosha and hardly dynamic come match day. But both are successful. atttact quality footballers and develop ones too.




Triple M played the Worsfold press conference back to back with the Thatcher interview.

It was hilarious. Love that Worsfold had the media shaking in their boots a bit. Want to see more of it.

And I want to see more of that Worsfold on game day too.


I don’t give a ■■■■ about Worsfold making the media shake. I want the team to make the other team shake.

Not sure if the team has been instructed not to retaliate or whether they are all just a big bunch of ■■■■■■■. The amount of time I have seen our players getting pushed around and us not retaliating is crazy. Even “angry” BJ was pushed over by Lamb on the weekend and just got up and did nothing. You think the Hawks or Tigers would let the opposition push them around?

Essendon 2000 gave away by far the most free kicks, because they played on the line. Essendon 2018 are punching bags. This must change.