John "given em nothin" Worsfold


Malcolm blight on the importance of identity and and culture on Sen just now. He stopped short of calling it all a bunch of rubbish but that was clearly what he thought.

He diplomatically said it is overrated. He said fundamentally people within the club want to get a kick and want to win and if they’re doing both things they’ll be happy. He reckons culture is really determined externally and is a perception of what is going on inside. Last year Richmond weren’t seen to have great culture, then they win a flag and everyone thinks their culture is great.

Have to say I couldn’t agree more with this. Corp culture stuff drives me bat ■■■■ crazy. Pay me a fair wage, treat me with a bit of flexibility, respect me and my opinions, treat my colleagues the same way. That’s all it takes and you don’t need to spend 10s of thousands of dollars every year on consultants who ask me bullshit questions and come up with a bunch of meaningless but very colourfull pie charts.


Just my opinion, but if your coach starts firing up and showing some mongrel, it may start trickling down to the playing group.



Ironically you could set yourself up as a consultant and sell that mantra to organisations.


I disagree. Coach needs to get them to go out and hurt the other team. I know it’s not the modern way, but the line in the sand game changed the fortunes of both clubs.


Both also have League-best support from the maggots. Just saying.

For the AFL, it is compulsory that the Swans have success and don’t drop too far back. They need all the support in Snydey they can get.


During the interview I saw a man under siege, shocked to find himself in this position after signing an extension 7 weeks ago, unconvincing, defensive, angry.

Player response this week will be telling because they can see their man is under the pump. Will there be intent, passion, a lift in effort/performance?

Someone suggested there’s a 4 week period for the coach or assistants to turn things around before decisions on coaching careers are made. Interesting times ahead. FWIW, still can’t see any wins on the horizon or improvement on performance.


Only if the playing group give a toss about the coach.


It’s interesting. From this and ATE’s post above about player response, where does the Worsfold:player relationship sit? Do the players respect and trust Worsfold, but Neeld was a very negative factor and his leaving will simplify and promote better and clearer interactions? Like any organisation you’ll have some cliques with distinct opinions. You can deal with this if overall the majority of the talented people are working hard and are in agreement.

Lots for Worsfold to sort out and get right: game plan execution, assistants and fair/brave selection policy.


This is where it all has to start


I’m confused. Am I supposed to be critical of Woosha here for something he may or may not have done?


ATE is wrong about Worsfold being stand offish.

I have no idea whether he spoke to Baguley or not, but someone would have.


I’m not even convinced that he needs to.


Herald Sun saying that Worsfold has reached out to David Parkin?

I’d post the link but I don’t subscribe to it. And the whole article doesn’t show up.


Likes going old school.

Should also get a ouija board and have a chat to Norm Smith.

But sure, whatever helps him, then go for it. He brought Malthouse through. Hopefully he is also chatting to Sheeds. Depends what he is looking for by chatting to other coaches. Strategy or people management?


I think definitely man management. DId you notice the reference in his presser yesterday about great teams being player, rather than coach, driven? That is a Parkin philosophy.


I love the fact he was a little narky yesterday. I think too many coaches give the “journalists” too much when they’re just fishing. Wooley yesterday was lazy. He was unprepared and just threw a few vague communication questions/statements at Woosha, but Woosha wasn’t buying and didn’t fill the gaps of his lazy preparation by making statements to either validate or rebut the loose questions.

I heard Tim Gossage say this morning that the presser was vintage Worsfold and that the Melbourne media had been humoured by Woosha to date. He references the WA media and said that they learned to come prepared, have facts, ducks in a row etc to any presser where they intended to ask questions of Worsfold. I think that’s fair enough too.

Further to Worsfold’s mood, I think it can be interpreted in a number of ways but my interpretation is that there’s two distinct possibilities, that he’s ultra defensive as the face of an under Seige club or he’s genuinely feeling pressure around his own position. His facial expressions kinda lead me to believe the latter although Richardson guaranteed his tenure when on the Whateley show the other day, but, how many times have we heard the “full support” line in footy recently? Interesting times.


@Diggers mentioned this too some time ago about Worsfold was West Coast coach. Something we probably don’t appreciate here.

Given how we feel about our media treatment over the last few years - seeing someone from Essendon treat them with contempt and make them look stupid is a good thing.

Give them nothing. Which is exactly what I want our players to do to the opposition on the ground.


Someone else made the comment here, and it was a good one… not all teams are equal. Not every team has a majority of extremely self-motivated guys and I reckon a ‘great’ team needs to have a core group who are both motivated and of the right age profile, to allow to coach to be hands-off with his leadership. Woosh generalising a little with his suggestion that ‘good and great’ are only as a result of how much the coach gets involved. Still, it was a presser - probably couldn’t be a*sed properly qualifying his position.


Robbo on AFL 360 last night said “it’s fact” that Worsfolds pay out would be half if they were to sack him.

Seems the club played it smart this time.


I’m really happy to see Worsfold cranky, prickly and pizzed off. Finally!! Sick of his measured scripts at the post-match ‘presser’. I want to see some mongrel. Everyone hates us as a club. I want us to hate everyone back. Fk em all. From the media, the saga, and the AFL, fans from other clubs, to the misreporting of the Lamb/Baguley incident, to the fact the Essendon players always get hit harder by the MRP in odd cases - (heaven forbid if Tom Hawkins was an Essendon player he would’ve got 4 weeks for touching the umpire) and so on.

Fire up Woosha - and stay fired up. Get angry - get your boys angry.