John "given em nothin" Worsfold


Debatable given the timing of the contract extension.


Is it really smart? On the surface it might seem clever to have termination conditions in favour of the club, just in case. But if you need to put such a condition in the contract in the first place you obviously don’t have 100% conviction in your decision.


And do we know if it’s even true? It’s Robbo for fark sake.


No. Just exercising an opinion. Besides Worsfold said he hadn’t talked to Baguley so I’ll take him on face value. And by saying he hadn’t reached out, Worsfold opens himself up to a level of criticism.

“Stand offish” is not the right term. More, emotionally disconnected. He strikes me as all business, old school tough guy.

You know, the various discussions around the coach is a byproduct of supporters desperate for answers. Game plan has been pulled apart. Players out of form or played injured has been discussed. It’s inevitable, the blow torch is pointed at Worsfold because he’s the man driving the bus. Questions about how he connects with players and relays his messages a part of the puzzle.


Half of 2 years is still a year.

Payouts should be capped to the current year. It’s a little bit different to a normal job, becuase both club and media roles are set until the offseason. So any sacking should pay them until say October. I don’t know why we should pay woosha another 12 months on top when he could be employed by then. They get better golden handshakes than CEO’s


he claims it’s fact when he was asked by Mark Mclure


Was it in the Herald Sun


Said it on AFL 360


Damn you I was just about to post that same line!


Bang on.

“Respect” from the rest of the competition is also a load of garbage.


robbo also went full turtle when king threw out robbo said hardwick should be sacked after r8 2016.

robbo then said ‘BUT I CALLED HIM A GENIUS’

so robbo has nfi whats smart or not.



He claims lots of “facts”.

Ask Baguley how right Robbo’s “facts” are. That’s just one, very recent example.


My quality of life improved significantly when I stopped watching any footy shows a few years back.



sorry ivan, just sick of the same posts regarding this.

i’ll get a few more out as well.




I don’t get it


now all we need is bsd to say

‘My life is so much better than yours because i listen to radio commetary synced to the tv broadcast on mute’


I think you are taking my post a little too seriously/literally.

I had look up DAE though so what do I know


I would pay extra to watch games with just crowd/game sounds.


just mute it, it’ll be like an essendon home game.



Weather he’s full of ■■■■ or not I thought I would post it on here what he said.