John "given em nothin" Worsfold




I need the cheers of the opposition to keep me going


Did he have a cloudy disposition when he said it?


Said it with authority like he knows 100% that it’s fact.

No doubt Robbo has sources at the club I would back him on this one.


Agree totally with this. Have said it for a while, too. And been laughed at.


Hope you’re right mate.


Can be useful when you are forced to engage with them and you can confirm that they are talking BS, also when you get them to explain what their zombie corporate spkeak means and how it is applicable to your workplace, which is not quite the same as BHP.


In my experience these people get very flustered very quickly when you challenge them on the actual meaning of whatever it is they’re trying to say is. Ask them to explain it without repeating the mumbo jumbo catchphrase they keep trotting out. They can’t do it.


To be fair. You could get all antsy as a reporter asking specifics from Worsfold too.

What does “Yeah a lot of communication” actually mean?

What does “we need to find out what sort of team we want to be” actually mean?

Ask stupid questions, get stupid answers.


give stupid answers
get stupid questions?


Mate, don’t rain on his parade.


It’s the same argument I was making early this week when i said club culture is determined by the onfield leaders, and once they’re gone there is no tangible cultural thingy remaining. There is a contribution made by coaching staff and key management, but they are only a support act, and without the player component there is absolutely nothing.

Take rance, cotchin & riewoldt out of the tigers and they would soon revert back to a rabble finishing 9th.


Yep works both ways.

It’s a twist on one of my favourite sayings: play stupid games, win stupid prizes


In another thread a poster suggested that the onfield role is only a small part of the captaincy.


That was me.
And it is.


But how come the Tigers were a rabble for years with Rance, Cotchin and Reiwoldt before they suddenly came good?
How do you really know they’d be no good without them now?


Peoples first reaction to this will be WTF.

Woosha has success at the Eagles becuase he had one of the best leaders the AFL has ever seen in Cousins. Yes the guy is unwell, yes he lead a portion of the side of a cliff. But that’s almost the point, for those years not only was he an exceptional player. The rest of the team loved him and would run through brick walls for him. Not many if any captains achieve that sort of relationship with their teammates.

I’m not sure there is any parallel to today. But it doesn’t look like Heppel is that kind of captain. Does that matter, maybe, maybe Wooshas system needs that kind of leader to make it work.


Paywall. Who?


Jeff Kennet


What’s the point in posting a link which doesn’t work. :grin: