John "given em nothin" Worsfold


Fine if you’re ticking some boxes on a spreadsheet at work. What about if you’re trying to eek out an extra bit of effort from everyone in your team, or have them 0.5% more composed as they come in for a shot on goal? Culture is essentially a manifestation of organisation/group psychology… seems like a massive worldwide rort if organisational psych were just bullshit pie charts. Don’t agree. What about the phrase ‘champion team will always beat a team of champions’? If org psych is a load of cr8p then whats that phrase all about?


Shane Crawford urges battling Bombers to chase former Hawthorn strategy guru

May 16, 2018 7:00pm
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ESSENDON needs to “throw everything” into poaching David Rath - one of the architects of Hawthorn’s four flags over the past 10 years and now the AFL’s coaching innovation and education manager - according to Brownlow medallist Shane Crawford.

With the Bombers accused of playing old-style football in the wake of Monday’s sacking of game performance coach Mark Neeld, Crawford said Rath would be the perfect candidate to drag the team into playing a more modern brand of football.

Essendon sits in 15th on the ladder, with only two wins from eight games, with its season seemingly in free-fall ahead of Saturday’s clash with Geelong at the MCG.

Crawford believes Rath, one of Alastair Clarkson’s highly-rated lieutenants for 13 years before joining the AFL in a new role this year, was capable of making an immediate impact on the Bombers’ game-style, if they could prise him away from the league.

“David Rath should be their man, they would be crazy not to try and get him,” Crawford told the Herald Sun.

“He is a great person to have from a strategy point of view. They (Essendon) need to throw everything at him.

“If I was at a club like that, and I needed someone from a strategy point of view, I would be going out and offering David Rath a long-term contract.

“His knowledge of the game is first-rate. He looks at the game from a different perspective, he is an innovator and he is always ahead of the curve.”

Crawford said Rath was critical to Hawthorn’s success during his time there, with the former Australian Institute of Sport biomechanist playing a key role in transforming the Hawks into the best kicking team in the competition.
Essendon coach John Worsfold talks to assistant Mark Neeld.

He also played a role in making the Hawks a groundbreaking AFL outfit in terms of innovation and on-field strategy.

“He has just got a real calmness about him that would be suited there (Essendon),” Crawford said.

“He would bring with him so much intellectual property as well and knowledge that could transform a footy club.

“The AFL thought so much of him that they grabbed him off Hawthorn.”


WSPHU. Also, didn’t think Woosha was the kind of bloke to catch the 59 tram, but I saw him as I went to go shopping this afternoon!


Get the man a Kia Cerato!


If people feel happy, respected and invested in what they’re doing you’ll get good outcomes individually and collectively.

I don’t doubt there is a lot of academic research into what it takes to get people feeling like that(I actually have a psych major) but I think a lot of it is also basic common sense.

That said the stuff that I see trotted out by corp culture coaches is nothing short of jingoism and often does nothing more than pay lip service to some commonly stated ideal like, for example, ‘work life balance’. What it does do is create a measurable figure for something, that in reality is probably quite intangible, which is great to slot into to some execs kpi score.

Am I overly cynical, perhaps, but that is my experience.

That said if there are problems within a group I can certainly accept there is a benefit in having a professional enter the environment to assist in trying to build and repair relations between people.

  1. they grew into very good leaders & got the dynamic working.
  2. My prediction could be totally wrong.


Of course the rest of the team would run through brick walls for cousins, they were all jacked up on the same stuff he was [allegedly].


Off-field leadership naturally involves more hours as the game is short. But whatever is done off-field is meaningless unless the onfield leadership (and performance of the captain) is working. Everything else is just window dressing. Culture is determined on the field, by all players, but the direction and critical moments to stand up are provided by the leadership, that’s why they’re leaders.


So Crawford wants us to get the guy who was architect of their 2008 premiership - ten years ago. How is he an improvement on Worsfold who one a premiership only 2 years before.


and also happened to be there for all the other ones… you remember when they won 3 in a row? Those ones as well.


So did you spit at him and tell him what a spud he is?


Love that crack some skulls!


What… they’re going to teach our team to
Tap to a midfield team mate from the centre bounce, kick ball, mark ball, kick ball into the goal!
Then repeat.


And he’s probably responsible for them looking better than we do now, again.


That was 12 years ago, you would expect that list to completely change regardless of the quality of the names. If you look at the age of those coaches, Worsfold would easily be one of the youngest of that list. Leigh Matthews was already coaching when Worsfold was still a young Eagle.

There’s also 8 premiership coaches in that list, who by and large had very good to all time great teams during Worsfold’s time as West Coast’s coach and all of whom Worsfold beat out that year.


I have watched all Woosh’s post game press conferences this year and after the Hawks match he lost his cool & hasn’t yet regained it. And now has the media baying for blood. Golly even got argumentative with nice-guy Sam McLure.

If we lose next x3 matches - I think its curtains.


Make no mistake, adjust expectations. We will lose the next 3

2-9 with a 70%

That is bottom four. Deal with it.

Roll the tanks, play the kids and use our first rounder on an inside mid.

Hopes for the rest of the season

  • Pigeon showing something in the midfield
  • Finding 2 leaders to step into the leadership group next year (hello Mr Devon)
  • Unlocking 3 kids who will be best 22 next year
  • Settling a role for Stringer
  • Finding a young KP/ruck player
  • Frang time


the most sense anyone on this forum has spoken for a long time


McLure is an A grade areshole. Models himself on SWMNBN. Worsefold handled himself brilliantly.


He’ll coach out this season, that will be about it