John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires

Very true.
Were you around to watch him in his playing years?

I don’t understand the context of your question.
I was addressing something specific - how people keep repeating that Worsfold believes players should coach themselves. It’s a meme you may be familiar with. Because it gets repeated every day or so.

Yes I was. Loved him as a player. We even had him signed up just before the eagles came in then that put a stop to him coming to us.

I posted ina another thread, how can someone play so hard and tough and yet appear to be the polar opposite as a coach.


He believes great teams are player driven over coach driven.

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Yep. This seems to be the general consensus.

To repeat my earlier comment. I trust the team have internally identified their own set of non-negotiables. Would be good to see onfield evidence of the brand of footy they wish to be renowned for.

I asked this in another thread a few days ago. No answers, which is fine. But the question remains a valid one.

Maybe we don’t get to see all of him.
Maybe, he keeps an outward appearance.

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And I agree with that.
Although you didn’t say it - it has nothing to do with ‘coaching’. A driven person seeks coaching, not avoids it.

I’ve been listening to triple M but Sarah hasn’t been available for comment


Me and johnnynissan we’re discussing it earlier. I think we understand that the player driven comment and coaching is seperate. Last year he separated himself by saying players must be player driven, which led to what players stand for and what will drive them. It also turned the season around after that comment. I’m not questioning whether he helps and has input but why isn’t it done together? Why is he so sure that great teams are player driven? I can understand after multiple success great teams are player driven but were they from the get go? I see no harm in there being a crossover period where it can change from coach to player driven. In a time of need stepping in wouldn’t hurt or would it?
Sorry it’s pretty loaded.

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Unless one of us is a player, any intel would be second hand. :wink: An excellent question, though. Trust someone has a connection with a player/players & can answer it for you.

Heppell discussed this season and last what they stand for. Everyone fails every single day, being honest and open is really important. When your down, lost and failing you need to gather learnings, find the positives, boost the self esteem and get confident to do it all again. There either not prepared enough and winning is simply to high of an expectation at the moment or they can’t move on from small failures building up. Probably both, skills are horrendous, confusion is noticeable and history has shown if we don’t start well we’re gone.

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Cool, but those are very broad strokes. Perhaps, they need to identify more specific behaviours.

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That would be very worrying if they again require to rework who they want to be, brand, what they stand for etc.

If they haven’t already, perhaps they need another sit down to reiterate exactly what it is they collectively stand for. Is it a ruthless attack on the ball? A genuine respect & care for teammates (no hospital handballs, hunting in numbers, being more vocal/physical on the field, etc)?

I recall last year that the players held such a meeting when they were at their lowest point. Magically, they rocked up the following week & were almost possessed in how they went about their footy. They had a great win & kickstarted a very good second half of the season.

This is his final chance.

The least and bare ■■■■■■ minimum he needs to get the team to show is effort this weekend.

If the senior coach cannot get players to put in the required effort then well he’s not the coach.

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The lads have it in them. It just needs to be unlocked. We witnessed how dramatically different they played in the first vs second halves of last season. The talent is there. It is incumbent upon the coaches to sufficiently motivate the players (through whatever means) to play according to the standards they have identified as being critical for success.

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What Coaching?

watch this and tell me about Worsfolds coaching

Hard to understand why people keep bringing this up when Hird himself has said it won’t happen.

Charming- keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.