John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


I just wanted to quote this because it’s really, really, really long.


Same really. Well the suspension helped that on my end haha.

In general life as well, ive literally just turned into agent smith from the matrix.
You cant fight inevitability.

What we are is what we are going to be no matter what words we shout over and over and over on an internet forum.
People on here are going to run with their opinion is right, no matter how many times they’ve been proven wrong.

It all will have 0 effect on how the club is run or how the coaching panel will pick the side.

The only things that will effect how the club percieve supporters opinions, is like how one poster on here says , simply dont go to games.

The rest is just meaningless mindless noise that has no purpose


Damn you klawdy for making me scroll all the way down such a long quote in expectation of an insightful response.


The reason for this is that when people you agree with, the…original point…, of people who call posters others out for no reason at all, try to start ■■■■ on comments that weren’t directed to them, call people mouth breathers, ■■■■■■■ idiots who have no idea, you should go support someone else, know it all geniuses, some of the worst people in the league…
…you don’t really see it as abuse.

You agree with their basic point, so you’re not going to argue with them, you just scroll on.

There’s a guy here who it seems can’t make a post without saying anyone who doesn’t agree with him is a half-wit.
It’s certainly amusing that you see him as being bullied.


Not much chance with me mate.


Geez, it’s a bit tense in here.


Though I don’t know who you’re talking about, your post helps establish what I’m saying. You seem incredulous that I can see it the opposite way to you - and to be fair, I can’t understand how you see it the way you do.
To be clear - what I am saying here, is that even when one may not be able to see validity on the other side of the fence, it can help to remember that that in itself does not necessarily mean it isn’t present. I am not arguing a side here. I’m looking at the phenomenon.
Hopefully, you don’t see this as ‘amusing’.


No, you’re misinterpreting me, I’m afraid.

I’m not talking about who is right or wrong.
I’m talking about who starts ■■■■.
Who gets personal.
Who puts an insult in pretty much every post.

I thought that was your point.
But I guess that goes to your deeper point of not seeing things you don’t want to see.


Sorry then - we’ll have to agree to disagree!


Yes, that would be close to my point - or perhaps - different values on certain things that push buttons.


Both sides equally do that, both sides equally bully.


If only there was some sort of way of reporting posts that cross the line!


Pretty quiet in here. Seems that nothing brings the nuffs to the yard quite like a loss flavoured milkshake.


Nup, still here. Structure was apalling again today. How can not one of our coaches see that Andrews was killing us and was close to BOG?


You should send them an email.


Heaven help we should back our own structures.
And heaven help we should win doing it.


Todays result won’t change my opinion cant see him taking us to the promised land




are you kidding

so many uncontested marks to them all over the field

so many handball receives running out of our backline

so many essendon players trailing their men

so many forwards running into each others space

so many 15 second transitions from our points

so many points

One of the worst games of footy your eyes will be cursed to see

This was happening in 2004 onwards though, I don’t understand why all our players forward and back stand behind/trail their men to the ball and we just let opposition teams get it up to hf with uncontested kicks and try and play the game from our back 50.

the ■■■■ essendon


Nah. He should apply for Neeld’s old position. Knows a fair bit about FA. Would be a like for like swap.