John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


You are a dim wit


Not tactical enough like you said Andrews was killing us all day and did nothing to change it.


Surely you can’t think they didn’t know? Come on mate.

We played an extra around the ball, according to the commentators, so if Brisbane hold a 6 man defense how do you expect us to have even numbers?

The problem was with the players continuing to kick long and i find it hard to believe that would have been an instruction from the coaches.


I listened on radio. So who shut down Zorko and Beams?


Problem is the coaches have to make real world decisions which may or may not work.
Us nuffies can say “clearly they should’ve XYZ” all day long and we can never ever be proven wrong.

Fact is we went in without our 3 best tall forwards from last year. Fanta and Tippa are miles off their best. Andrews torched anyone who was near him, mostly smack. Despite this, the forward line was working well enough to kick a winning score and then some. Did brilliantly at the drop. Solid pressure caused quite a few turnovers & scores.
Actually a pretty good argument for the structure working in spite of the talent.


Absolutely looked like it to me.

Watch a replay and see how often Green, Tippa, Smith, Stringer ran to a spot about 10m Lion’s way from the McKernan/Andrews contest. He may have had 15 spoils, a lot of them were read & crumbed by us.


I want to know that too was very un Essendon like


Just this post tells me the coaches got it right!


Don’t really agree with you there.
There were a few disappointing things on ground today - losing Hepp, kicking at goal - but mostly, how Brown/Stringer/McKernan kept stuffing each other up in the 50m. Maybe excusable because they haven’t ever played together as the 3 targets.
I thought our ball movement was fantastic at times, and very little of that horrible hesitation we saw in a few other games.


I doubt it.

Coaches are like investors, they don’t like risk and don’t like players kicking to contests, hence why we have this chip, chip zone game style these days. Andrews took 12 marks.

Imo the instructions would have been to look for open men but when under pressure they just kicked long, actually even when not under pressure…


Ball movement was fantastic at times and was great to see MCG especially take on the game. Our entries into our F50 continue to be poor though and I agree it doesn’t help when the forward line is clogged up.


We sort that bit out, and keep our ball movement - we’re a danger to any team.


Amazing how many struggle with the concept of A work in Progress,


I’ve already touched on this in the review thread but, credit where due, I think we were very well coached under trying circumstances today.

Sometimes, not always but sometimes, it takes more balls not to make a move that seems obvious to others.
We won ugly, we did what we had to do, and I’m all for that.

As to the negatives, obviously, can we please get a goal-kicking coach?
Or place more emphasis on our set shot goal-kicking?
It’s dire to the point that you wonder how any semi-competent country grade football team can kick for goal like that, let alone the most skilled (ie: AFL standard) players in the country.


What is your timeline to success?
If we are still in no mans land in 12 months or 2 years where to then?




Ah yes. “The Worsfold plan” of kicking it sideways 14 times. Good to see that’s still alive and kicking.


I think it means we should keep trying to improve. You?


We did win today and I would like my share portfolio to do the same.


What do you call success?