John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


For me, success would be competing strongly in finals…so, contending. With our current list and allowing for possibilities, I’d like to see us there by the time our wave of young 20 year olds are mid to later 20’s… 5 years. Earlier would be great.


for mine. winning a final is a huge step.

its our mental brick wall right now.


Yep agree with that. I reckon once these boys win a final they could literally be anything. I’d expect that withinjnh the next 2 years.


Winning a final and not just scraping into the 8 would be a start. After that probably to see it happen regularly and being more consistent.
Hopefully we can development a style which we will become normal and expected every week. Some clubs you know what they will serve up each and every week, with us our gulf between our best and worse has been massive for too long.
Winning regularly in Perth and Adelaide would be great too


The issue that most of us impatients have trouble articulating, is that theres apparent ways we could expedite into the next good essendon that are being ignored for reasons that don’t really seem to hold up.

I’m a total trade/draft tragic so i don’t actually have that much we must keep player x at our club that many have. i seriously think we hold onto players that don’t add as much to our team that trading in a player or allowing others to take that role and evolve it could do.

I also think that player fluidity is such that we should embrace it. look at what saad, smith and stringer are doing for us? i think we can find a few more with agressive trading.

now that shouldn’t be mistaken with turnover the entire list, i just think its a balance question. we have a lot of tall defender cover, can’t we trade someone for a class midfielder?


So getting back to diggers point, it’s actually not that quiet in here


who cares what diggers point is?


Yep. I’ll go for every one of those.


Yes, and all that is as it should be. However we pretty much had to hang onto players because of the saga. Will be a couple of years yet before we can draft/trade with alacrity.


Personally, couldn’t give a stuff about ladder position until we’re actually in the mix.

Gamestyle, mindset/confidence, and the list profile are way way waaaay more important. You can jump from 8th or 10th to a flag easily enough, as long as your list profile supports that (ie not have 5 of your most experienced players retire, like last year for us)

Regardless of results, our list profile and gamestyle look a lot closer to the mark this year. Confidence still rubbish. (And still a dozen other little things to work on. I’m just confident we’re going the right way now, which I haven’t been since 2015)


Looked to me like the closest mid was picking up Beams and Zorko all the time so they were never free. Almost every time they got near the ball they had someone on their hammer trying to put a hard bump or tackle on them. Sometimes Smith, Myers, Guelfi, Zerrett even Stringer at one point + Hep before he went off.



We played Stringer as the extra at the contest a lot of the time.

They had a loose man

We dominated inside 50’s and ultimately won the game albeit inefficiently


Watching it on TV makes it difficult but I believe Fantasia had the run with role with Zorko mainly and Heppell went head -to-head with Beams who looked out of sorts.

After Heppell went down it was hard to tell if he a run with player and I suspect that we didn’t employ one given we were on top and Beams continued to struggle.


“Not tactical enough”

“It’s a very legal case”


Not sure about Zorko but looked liked Langers and Myers alternated on Beams


Lol if you are going to troll, best not to do it after we beat a truly awful Brisbane side


We don’t push back hard enough imo. We’re quick when we want to be, but often nothing to kick to

Two possible reasons. I’m not sure which it is

  1. Workrate, and the forwards simply aren’t working both ways hard enough

  2. Our forwards are actually being instructed to push up that far in some kind of press


Probably both. The aim is press up then turn and bolt back.

That said, from the way both sides went with skills, it was possibly pretty fatiguing conditions. Not sure how hot it is up there but it’s been super cold for 3-4 weeks down here.


Was about 25.


A half decent team would of put us to the sword today, will take the ugly win and move on.
Very few highlights but credit to Redman and when Dev Smith picked Martin up off the ground and dumped him on his a$$.