John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


A half decent team would have put Bridbane to the sword as well.

Brisbane have been good up there, went close against Collingwood and swans and thumped Hawthorn, interesting if they were just off today or we made them that way.




Yeah Clarko wouldnt have let them off the leash. Oh wait …


They’re an under-rated 1-11 side.


Pretty sure Briabane has had access to higher draft picks than us over the last 6 years. They came to play at home and got beaten


Did hawthorn play today? Did Brisbane play the exact same way today as they did against the hawks couple of weeks ago?

Run along


You’re both being pretty simplistic.

But seriously, kick a ■■■■■■■ set shot you ■■■■■■■ arseholes. Jezus.


Our goal kicking in s awful. The amount of set shots we miss from 30m out is a disgrace


We were just lucky that their’s was just as bad.

Really needs to be addressed. It’s the most basic skill of the ■■■■■■■ game.


Yep, it needs specific coaching and fast


Listen Clarko lover.

I’ll enjoy my sides win.

You leave me alone.


It’s simple - When you have Mckernan ( who should not be in the team ) being treated with contempt by his opponent Andrews, along with poor forward fifty entries you have your answer - And Andrews was clearly BOG.


So…you agreed with him twice?


surprise surprise, goes up hours after a win, but the next day after a loss.

proper embed for those that want it.


side note. how intelligent, polite and prepared did the brissy journos sound in comparison to the pelicans we get down here? oh, and who would’ve thought that worsfold reciprocated and wasn’t as prickly™ with them?

good stuff.


Probably busy tomorrow


What was Harvs talking about Skipworth losing the plot? Just having a friendly dig?


I actually thought we played well albeit not overly spectacularly.

It was a scrappy game but every time they got the ball they were under pressure and I thought the boys flogged themselves to tackle and chase and simply just wanted the ball more than Brisbane.

In the dying minutes of the last quarter after Tippa kicked a goal, they moved him to the centre bounce. Ball goes up, ball comes out and it is right there for the Brisbane player to grab, Tippa runs from a couple of metres behind, comes underneath the Brisbane players arm and throws himself at the ball and somehow gets there first and it results in a repeat stoppage. THAT is how you win games in 2018.

You have to want the ball and hunt the ball better than the opposition and we did that so much better than Brisbane yesterday.

Add to the game that Heppell went off injured who was our best player by a mile before he went off and looked set for a huge game and it makes it all the more impressive against a side who can take it up to most teams and we have a shocking habit of getting done by regularly I think makes the win even more impressive.

Harris Andrews played well I admit but he did nothing IMO. He spoiled EVERYTHING and it put his team under even more pressure and he spoiled a heap of contests that he could have quite easily marked.

The players got done by the best tactical team in the comp last week and showed us just how far off them we are. The couple weeks before that and yesterday I think we have showed we are adopting their gameplan and applying it well.

To think we have:

  • Daniher
  • Gleeson
  • Zaharakis
  • Begley
  • Ambrose

All out injured with Stewart and Colyer in the reserves (one out of form and the other coming back from injury and putting in good performances after a long time out) and it is a testament to the squad that we are beating anyone.

I for one was happy with our performance, I just hope we build on it from here.


I agree. Just listened to the press conf. There wasn’t the usual negative, attacking attitude from the reporters - like you say, they were polite. So the result was a much more relaxed Worsfold.


1 - wonder what he’s going to dress up as today

2 - I wonder how long it’s going to take for that image to be Rolos profile pic

3 - I wonder how long it will take for Wim to say that he did the sliding all wrong

4 - I wonder how long it will take for BSD to say it was the greatest sliding he’s ever seen