John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


5 - will he crack a smile

6 - what will he have learnt about becoming a great slider


The Wanderer


I’m actually really, really encouraged by yesterday’s game.

Don’t get me wrong, our season is toast, and it’s not because our players are all magically stoopider than the rest of the friggin’ league…

But it has made me think…well, maybe…

And this is a minor point, it’s not the be all and end all, but he looked engaged in the box yesterday.
I don’t know what’s caused that, I don’t know if he’s under more pressure to perform now, I don’t know if the removal of Neeld has brought that about…
But it’s a good thing.


That’s all great but can you please give your opinion on what his sliding technique should be, ta




I agree, I’ve done a 180 in the past month. Not sold that we have totally got it right, but at least heading in the right direction.

For me it’s the hope that I’m seeing in some of the kids. A month ago I thought Redman would be delisted and Francis was highly unlikely to make it. When I know see a good half dozen kids that might be 200 gamers I have a lot more hope. They won’t all make it but we have some talent there.

Plus having minimum level of effort is pleasing.

A lot of work to do, but some pieces to work with.


Where do these go up? They are only occasionally on EFC site.


There have been some good signs.

Just so the clappers don’t think I’ve done a complete 180, I think the good signs go against the grain pretty much all the time.

We should replace Neeld.
With me.

My expenses will be enough to cover a rolled up newspaper, for me to go…

Just occasionally.


i’m personally not sold our season is fully dead. over the first 12 weeks we are 1 game behind where we were last year, maintaing a near identical record against the same opposition as last year (won against adelaide and giants, dropped the hawks and pies).

it’ll still be a huge effort and requires a better, more consistent output from both coaches and players, but as stated above don’t think we are quite dead yet.


It’s deader than disco.
Deal with it.


I ran into Rob Shaw the other day out front of BGS. I told him enjoyed his blogs and was just finished listening to Woosha’s appraisal of the recent game. He asked me what did Woosha talk about? I responsed with, “Not much”. Shaw said with a wink, "the usual eh… "


We have ten games left?
Is that right?
Our percentage is Pants.
Teams in the eight have remarkable percentage.
In a good year maybe seven out of ten wins would sneak us into seventh or eighth.
This year it will take eight out of ten.

We’re done.
Would have been nice, but it’s over.

I’m not going to say that’s a good thing.
It’s a really, really ■■■■ thing.
But it’s not without its opportunities.


email to members. might be in your spam.




That was awesome.



Red shorts

■■■■ 2018, sign him up for another 5 years





Like last year, it was obvious after round 4 we weren’t winning anything.

To my mind a 9th/10th finish, where we also find/blood/integrate 6-8 new players, IMO gets us a lot closer than finishing 7th, getting thrashed and only finding about 2 new guys.


I reject the premise.