John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


Fair enough.

I’m very very sceptical that finishing just inside the 8 achieves anything.

Should we argue anyway?



Yeah, that’s even better, …


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Waaaaay different premise.


Where were you when the googs kicked in, john?


Where is this kind of emotion in the coaches box John?

Like when Joe D lines up for goal?



I think we had very different priorities for the year.


Always find it amusing that people decide how a coach is going by the few seconds shown of the coach in coaches box on the TV. The same people in other threads will decry the bias of the media!!!


Same old Woosha today. Once the slide started, did nothing to try and turn it around.


That’s the look his opponents would have the moment they realised Wooshfold was in the house.


Just me or:


Last year, too.
Like beating Carlton.


I seriously can’t get enough of that photo.


When will he learn the loose (hair) at the back doesn’t work for him?


Help me out, what did I say?


Someone needs to gif this face over the gemba RoboCop gif


Plus Myers and The Langford


Showed a bit of emotion (frustration) on Sunday. Again, I dont buy into the need for the coach to be animated but just pointing it out for those who do


Report Card for the first half is in.

Cal says poor perfromance and Woosha is under the pump.