John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


Who cares what Cal guesses about these things?


He probably gets a lot of his info from lurking on Blitz…


as opposed to going to games and talking to recruiters?


Well yes, he is more of a specialist in the draft prospects. But doing a report card on Essendon in 2018 is easy. Look at the ladder position and or win loss ratio, Whether Worsfold is under pressure? Just read back through this thread.


Some chance his contacts are as good as yours.


Once I see the I’m gonski. They can get well and truly faaaarked and I don’t believe a thing if they have anything to do with the message.


Cal is actually a pretty good reporter. He is fantastic when it comes to the draft period but his articles through the year are pretty accurate when it comes to us.


Lol. Probably better.

I think Cal is great for all the draft stuff, but he’s guessing about things that haven’t even been discussed and putting it out as fact. It’s his opinion, and no more valid because its his. I’ll take his opinion on some things, and on others he’s just another journo with a brief to fill and a pay cheque to earn.


I dont think Woosha and his wife’s marriage and living arrangements is anybody’s business.


Cal is right tho if Essendon miss the finals again next year then he’s under the pump.

The team was supposed to move up the ladder and win a final,Essendon failed at both which is really dissapointing

D ranking is more than fair the season has been a disaster.


It depends on what is trying to be achieved. The media tend to judge purely on a win/loss ratio, not on what is being actioned within the club or issues that may impact on what happens on the field.

What I mean is if the club is attempting to change the game plan to teach a more defensive mindset to add to the already successful attacking style, then the win/loss will be impacted. Sometimes a step back happens to bring the right step forward.

Or maybe a team loses a few players that affect team structure and quality and it has an immediate impact before the next gen are able to adjust to the senior level.

While the aim is obviously to improve each year on win/loss there is often more to it than that and the media very often ignore or downplay all that information when they make an assessment.

On pure win/loss improvement/step forward this year looks terrible. But if it means a sharp improvement and a more sustainable improvement next year then it will have proven the right approach.


The club preached last year that defense and contested ball would be a major focus during the pre season yet nothing changed.

Getting belted by Richmond in the JLT were alarm bells for the season ahead.


It’s only now that the team is focusing on defense,tackling and winning contested ball that should have been a focus at the begining of the season not half way through when the season is shot.


That is incorrect, they very much focused on that during the pre-season. It is only now that the team has finally started playing that way.


If that’s the case we wouldn’t be sitting at 5-7 at the midway point of the season. Took the Carlton loss and sacking of Neeld to reliase that the way they were trying to play wasn’t going to win games.


It would be in you are just learning something that you hadn’t been learning before. YOu don’t learn something new and suddenly you an expert at it.

Also you are confusing learning a new game plan verses putting in the right effort on the park, they are 2 separate issues.


Adding Smith/Stringer/Saad/Guelfi/Redman/Ridley…/Francis
That’s a successful year at this stage, for mine.


Maybe right.

No matter how you look at it the season has been a failure and I demand changes in the offseason.


Only positives this season


I think we need some suggestions about who we should trade for