John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


Don’t encourage him


The season is only a failure if we have failed to learn what we needed to and we do not change next season (or end this season more positively than it has previous to winning the last 3 out 4 games), not simply because of the win/loss position at the end of the year.


For starters Skipworth and Corrigan need to go I would also keep Dodoro away from drafting and replace him with some one new Dodoro can be in charge of trading only.


Who cares what you think?

Or what I think?


Who would you trade them for?


I thought pretending to care what webmaster rolo thought was the easiest way to stay unbanned…


Who cares what you think?


these guys



your welcome


Right now though, I reckon the Club ( Board, Management Coaches ) don’t think the season is over yet.



The expectations were only that, expectations.

Reality is the team is still in a big transition phase personnel wise bringing in young players & also trying to find our best combinations. We have actually had a fair few injuries which has meant our depth being very much tested.

And then there was the big strategy changes in combination with the main messenger being a big issue in regards to the players and the other coaches.

The first part of season sucked badly.

But I’ll take that 3 wk stretch where we were the number 1 pressure team in league as a huge positive that they were learning. Including belting Cats and doing over GWS away.

The inaccuracy cost us vs Blues. And we also had huge inside 50 differential on Brisbane but inaccuracy cost us a big win there also.

I know they a lower ranked team but we lost probably our form midfielder of the year in Zaka previous week and then our captain Hep in 2nd quarter and yet still could easily have had Bris on toast!

Our 2017 dominant fwd line is now a patched up rabble of VFL worthy kpf’s and out of form/injury hindered smalls.

But things in general are coming together IMO.

Just not the season that everyone hoped for, and that’s all it was hope, based on our own probably inflated expectations for the season ahead.

Some far more over inflated than others.

Patience is hard when we have been so bad for so long though I can certainly agree.


We no longer have a successful attacking style, we’ve kicked 15 goals or more once this year. Last year we did it eleven times.
Most thought we could maintain how our forward line functions while spending our preseason working on team defence and stoppages and all we’ve done is created a bandaid. Midfield is only competitive because we increase numbers. We struggle to create turnovers while we turn it over a lot between the arcs. We still struggle to defend when we have an extra. Our forward line has brought nothing new this year and has gone backwards to the point that we’re back to step 1. We don’t lead, we don’t double back and accuracy is deplorable. We should have never stopped the attacking style, to think it would stick after only a year of implementation was foolish.


Who cares what they think?


but but it was only a meaningless preseason game. that’s what they are for, to trial new things, they aren’t a true indication of where we will be come rd 1.


You never give up until it’s 100% over. In any sport, or any battle.


Last year we got flogged in the finals because we were the most one way team seen at EFC since the Knight’s era


Wasn’t a meaningless preseason game for Richmond tho.


Especially whilst fornicating.


Why are you still banging on about that pre season game?

Clearly obvious class difference between the two sides as we speak right now even with a strong line up in regular season.

Tigers rolled out basically their premiership team. We rolled out our VFL team. The result was inevitable.

We had set ourselves to play more senior players vs Cats in the 2nd week which we then won.

We were barely interested in the first JLT game and as Crowe indicated later they actually get better volume into players legs for those who don’t play in those games than in them. And managing players loads / avoiding injuries is all most care about at that time of year.


Yeh, well Maxx our forward line has been gutted. Its farked.

Joe Injured and playing poorly. arguably worse than Smack.
Hooker sent down back.
Theres 5 goals a game gone gone gone.

Then the flow on effect to Tippa, Begley, Fanta ( injured) Stewart, all benefitting from the focus on Joe and Hooksy in 2017, has reduced their performance, because they have to play on better defenders, Green out injured when he was playing well. Trav gone. a good backup not now available, Laverde finding his feet again at the level. Begley injured.

Its a disaster.

We have been over dependent on Joe and he is out and the flow on effect has been at this point a loss of more than 5 goals a game ( rough estimate).