John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


i think hooker out of the forwardline has been the major disruptor, that and pushing up too far.

alot of our game is based on long bombing it out of situations, even last year. hooker was the bandaid for that, he was a good contested mark and created a contest at the worst.

when he wasn’t there it fell apart pretty quickly.
this year even with him there for the first few weeks it fell apart because again players just kept pushing up too far, and they allowed extra numbers back.

it’s pretty dumb football to allow spares in defence, then try and use your numbers around the contest to simply just get ball and kick ball long. if you have extra numbers around the ball, you have to carry the ball and not panic.
panic is alot of essendon players middle name.


Instead of wringing my hands over this ■■■■ sandwich of a season I am trying to be funny.


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Agreed. Hooker is THE reason the fwd line started functioning the best it had in years.

Does so much for our structure fwd but out of desperation moved him back to try stem the bleeding.

Now that we have rectified our clearance issues and vastly improved our pressure and inside 50’s hope to see it happen again.




As at end of round 12 we have about 50 points less scored against us compared to round 12. 1111 vs 1057. Only problem is we have scored about 200 pts less than 2017.

This season so far has to be a fail.


Yes and yes!


I blame Hartley for Hooker going back


Yep have to agree. I made the comment a while ago that we should use him at both ends. Be unpredictable, we have a flexible player who can play well at both ends. Why not use it to advantage, good coaches use all the tools available and gets the best out of them.

Unfortunately John is not that type of coach, hence why we hear the comments easy to coach against on game day.


You demand it!


Now that is genuinely funny.


You and your type would have declared it’s all over at half time in the 93 prelim against Adelaide.
Pathetic calibre of supporter.


Injuries have hurt our forward line and our only score over 100 come from Daniher, Stringer, Stewart, Walla, Fantasia and Green playing together. I think it’s more then the injuries and continuity that’s affected our forward line. It’s concerning that we haven’t implemented anything exciting to create scoring opportunities. Hooker hasn’t played forward at all lately, guys like Zerrett, Zaka, Heppell, Smith or Fantasia haven’t been sent deep forward. Nothing audacious to give us a spark most of our goals are coming from basic crumbing and frees. Not many of our goals are coming from great forward strategies. It’s just so basic at the moment and is easy to defend as was exemplified by Andrews game; 11 intercept marks and 20 spoils.


How did you assess the delivery into the forward line? Sharp?


last year we had a stable forward line that worked well together. This year Hooker is playing down back, JoeDan has played injured and then no longer playing, Green has been injured, Raz has been injured. Stewart had to carry the load and has lost confidence.

That’s not an excuse that’s reality.


Oh and NO ONE on this board better complain about Hooker going back. This board demanded the coach do that. Any playing around with saying something about this is disingenuous to say the least.


Delivery is dependant on what’s provided which is not good enough. Vision I’m seeing and seeing first hand is more the forwards providing nothing whereas the execution was more so the issue early in the season.


I’m pretty sure some stuck to their guns all along that he should stay forward.
@Ants for one I think.


Me too. Much prefer him forward.


What weren’t they providing?