John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


Add Stewart in form as well.


Our forward line is non existent this year. I think it’s the biggest reason why we are going ordinary




And Walla.

The whole forwardline has been horribly out of form and that’s not all down to Hooker.


Nail. Head.

And it will be a patch up job for the rest of the season. So let’s hope what we can field, gels and performs.

Either that or we will sink a bit and get a better draft pick, whilst still making positive steps as a team.

Not sure which I would prefer to be honest.


Given I expect we will trade our first rounder anyway probably better to just get the team gelling

Playing badly is not enjoyable for the fans either!


Why do you expect us to trade our first rounder?


I think Hooker is a good matchup for Hawkins (Jennifer); Cox; Dixon; Jenkins; Patton; Roughy; BigBen; any team that plays 2 rucks; and he did ok on Riewoldt which surprised me - ie most clubs have a suitable big tall forward.

I don’t think McKernan is the right player to build our forward line around as he is not predictable, gives away too many frees and often can’t bring the ball to ground. But I wouldn’t return Hooker to the forward line as I think he is doing well in defence.

I would consider Francis as a 3rd tall forward if a backline spot doesn’t open up next week; and I’d consider giving Draper a game as Bellchambers won’t last if he continues to ruck without viable backup. I’m assuming Draper can compete in the air as a forward and can ruck well against each club’s 2nd string ruck.


As it was hugely successful doing so last year bringing in ready made talent via trading out higher picks. SSS have been fantastic.

If we heavily chasing Ollie Wines amongst others then we aren’t doing so without handing over that 1st rounder.

At the contract extension presser:


I have no idea what we’ll do.
Personally I’d take it to the draft, but who knows.

Agree playing badly is a pretty shitehouse experience for the fans. And I wouldn’t want us playing absolute crap, that would stymie development. But I wouldn’t be too fussed if neither of the tall forwards we used last week gelled with our smalls. Don’t see them as an answer to any question bar “who is our backup” anyway. I would be hoping next year we are running with Joe, and Stewart, with Stringer and Langford alternating mid/3rd tallish forward. And probably fitting Begley into that picture somewhere too.


Yep, I too have realised and accepted this.

Makes for much easier viewing.


Woosha missed a realllll good opportunity to add “Whatever it takes” at the end there. Not the troll i hoped he was


Id like Woosh to make more moves during games to swing/capitilize on momentum.

Wouldnt it make sense,for example the 3rd qtr v Lions, that if we are dominating the inside 50s we could shift Hooksy forward for a bit?

Doesnt have to be for long to potentially spread the oppositions key talls.
May result in a couple quick goals.

Just a thought.


Why is the only match day move that people are capable of recognising the old swap the tall forward and defender?

The modern game is a constant flow of positional and personnel changes, and Essendon is no exception.


Very good point.


Absolutely agree with this. I think one of our biggest problems under John is that we are predictable. We have great asset in hooksy who totally switches the dynamic of the team when he swaps ends. Very difficult to coach against that.




That’s a very basic point of view re hooker imo. I think there are maybe times when it could work, but I wouldn’t think it would be very often. What happens to the guy who Hooker is shutting down if we suddenly decided to move him forward? Or what happens to our whole defensive structure when we remove one of it’s key pillars? What happens to our transition patterns when you remove him? Or what do we do when the opposing coach rejigs to take advantage of Cale being moved? etc.

I believe it’s a lot more complex than you seem to think.

And we do make moves. Constantly. That’s how the modern game works.
Just that most of them are not super big and dramatic.


Which is why it often worked when we had Carlisle on top of Hooker and Hurley. The best option we have these days for swapping out of the forward line is Brown, who’s no more than depth at either end.

None of the other tall forwards we have, have been near the backline in their life.


Hooker being used as a swingman during the game is great so long as we have the players who can adapt immediately the move is on. At the moment we have Brown who can play both ends and it might have worked during the third quarter last Sunday. When Francis, JD, Gleeson and Ambrose are all in we Will have the flexibility to swing players around. Right now leaving Hooker down back is the best option. However when Francis is in next game and clunking them all day things could change