John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


Don’t apologise.
That ■■■■ deserved an eyeroll.


If only that would happen. I am surprised they haven’t focused on all the bad things that have happened the last few years as well. Seems to be how they operate, negative focus first then go absolutely silent when the team is doing well. Then if we lose, bring up the negatives again.


I have trauma from that movie.
I ate too many beanies and get the taste and smell in my mouth everything I see some thing related.


Our 0-5 start to the 1967 season has been given rather cursory attention on here.


Worsfold was born in September 1968. So his parents were probably courting with the aim of conceiving in the early part of the 1967 season.

Coincidence? I think not. Yet another Worsfold FAILURE


I notice Percy Ogden’s appalling 3-15 record also escapes criticism.



Yep. It’s pretty sad, honestly.


“why didn’t we play Crowley as a tagger”.


Doesn’t make enough moves.


Is often late to church.


Named John, conservative by name, conservative by nature.


I’m glad we’re going into the season with no expectations.
I mean who wants to win a final when you can finish mid table?

Seriously though…
A finals win or a top 4 finish should be the minimum expectation of the current list.
If we can’t achieve that, then reviews need to be undertaken and actions come about from it.
If injuries derail the season, then that portion of the footy department needs to be reviewed.


You’re a bad supporter and you should feel bad.

Has questionable taste in hats.


You are aware you’re making fun of yourself right

(I’m cool with this obvs)


That’s really quite humourous.
Thank you.

Leaves a dribble of milk in the carton and puts it back in the fridge.


What I’d like to know is what expectations are for next year with this list and what the repercussions will be should we once again expectedly fail.


Cannon, sun etc.


Yeah, you don’t though.
You’re just having a bit of fun.
Off you go, ya little scamp.


Strawiest strawman that ever wore a flippy floppy hat


I already admonished him, no need to pile it on.