John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


Courting? Are you older than you’re letting on?


No, but I can speak English


Old English? Like, really old?


Ye olde English my good chap


Not sure why that hasn’t been discussed yet to be honest


Canst thou not keepeth yon thread on track?

Worsfold, I bite my thumb at you, sir.


Hadst been tardy in retrieving the refuse receptacles from yon curb.


Verily, the man must hasten to adapteth whence the foe doth geteth a run on.






Thread needeth more Noonan.


I suspect he is sharpening his quill as I type.


Quill? He’s sharpening his best rune-carving flints.


This is the happiest I’ve ever been at a thread being derailed(eth)


Is this a pun thread?


Would you like it to be, or not to be?


The use of Ye Olde Englishe (cod) may be appropriate in this thread as apparently Worsfold is a 7th century term meaning “draught cattle field”

Nominative determinism at its best as the draft approaches.


Is thine a pun-ed thred-eth?

Speak (archaic) English man, or nobody will understand you what you are going on about.


What is fascinating is that the warm and fuzzy approach we now must have with players seems to be rubbing off on fans.

I am converted. Who cares how we go. It’s years 5 through 8 I should get excited and even then, it won’t be anyone’s fault if we continue to be awesome finishing outside the 8, because we always have next year. It’s all about the journey.

Let’s all sing kumbaya together.


I knew you could do it, Guvnor!