John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


Hang on. That’s Cockney slang more than Old English.


Slang? … give that the Khyber


And confusing


So all the players have been back at the club for four days and we have won, precisely, ZERO games in that time.

Worsford should be sacked immediately and run out of town and he has a funny looking face and everything


Well we havent won a final this week so Yes, I’m not accepting mediocrity anymore. Time to go.


And we won’t win any games for as long as we refuse to train on the Blundstone arena sized oval.

Why did we build 9 ovals if we weren’t going to train on each of them concurrently?


Did Worsfold even plan for the possibility of not playing any games this week?
I doubt it.



It’s posts like these that make BBlitz a very special place, at times.


It’s a bit mean.



I see what you did there.


Girls are mean sometimes


it was really lohan-ded


Just realised Shiel is a mean girl.


I think Lohan died a long time ago.

Pretty sure they just roll her out weekend at Bernie style now.




Why are you all talking about Lohan when you could be talking about Rachel McAdams?


Because she has the forehead of a Klingon.


For sure, because when I look at her all I’m focused on is her forehead


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