John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


What letter comes after “A”?


Questioner: What letter comes after “A”?

Woosha: A what?

Questioner: after A

Woosha: yeah, a what? What is it coming after?

Questioner: A

Woosha: (evil stare)

Questioner: A. As in the letter.

Woosha: You are asking what letter comes after a letter.

Questioner: No. The letter is after A.

Woosha: A what?




Oh my…

This is going to end badly isn’t it…


Iced, jam or cinnamon?


John, why does the AFL bother employing communicationsl specialists when they just ask us to do their work for them?


Hey John, where’s the shisha?


“By whom” - one of the highlights of 2018.


Margaret Thatcher would have been proud.


Is that a question to Woosha?


John: Don’t you hate pants?


John do you think Tom Hanks is overrated?


John, why won’t you give us more detailed and daily updates on injured players?


Hi John. Is climate change real, … or do you think it’s just Sunspots and stuff??


I thought you’d have gone for


Cinnamon or jam?


People might need to be careful or they will cop an old fashioned shirtfront from Woosha


Who? Do you mean Otm Shank?


Hi Woosh, what was Wim’s reaction when he caught you with his missus?