John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


We did actually comprehensively knock off the premiers on their home turf.


I think I’ve said it before but there was a pundit of some sort who picked the bulldogs and Richmond to go all the way just based on the comraderie and interaction of the players at training during off season. He also thought Collingwood last year, but probably didn’t get a chance to see west cast train.
I can’t remember his name but he was pretty confident every time. He might have even been writing for the roar.


He sort of was. He was saying our best was good enough, and to me that’s right.

I think our best footy last year was good enough to win a flag. I don’t think that means we stop trying to improve. It just means we are in a good position to be a genuine contender over the next few years.


It was also the worst umpired game I had ever seen.


Would have won if Fantasia played.


And the Long HTB in the square (centre) was pretty much Grundy straight in his back.

Rough to single out that one incident

What cost us really was injuries.

Ambrose out of game completely meaning Guelfi had to play back. DeGoey got off chain late who was Ambrose’s opponent.

Myers in particular and Stringer also were injured during game and couldn’t contribute in midfield.

Left too much to other mids to shoulder load in hotly contested game and in the end their midfield got on top as were able to run out game better. Hep & Zerrett would have been cooked, and Pendles late was able to get loose.


Agree with what you are saying we dropped off a bit due to those factors. But If it was umpired fairly we would have been far enough in front to hold on. The umpiring was outrageous.


I think this is a good point from the article. This really is Wooshas team now. Clearly it wasn’t in his first two years, but now he’s had the space to build and recruit and play the players he wants where he wants for a considerable period.

He’s been the coach of the team for three years but this is the first year it’s really his team In that sense where he owns everything. The game plan, the personnel, the recruiting, everything. It’s all on him now.


yep - and it was nice how people cut him slack


Do you think supporters should reset expectations every time there is a new coach?

So we could go without a flag for another 20 years and thats ok as long as we replace the coach every 3 or 4?

And for the record I am a supporter of Woosha, but I can understand why others might not be.


You’re new around here right?


No, because every situation has to be judged on its circumstances. In some cases it is a coach taking over a good list from a poor coach. In other cases the coach is taking on a poor list. etc etc.

Woosha should be judged and criticised as required, but relative to the circumstances. He arrived into a dreadful situation. Negotiated his first year very well. Had a tonne of baggage to sort through and has dealt with it. As highlighted this is now his team to call his own.


This isn’t BigFooty?


I agree with what you are saying but that doesn’t mean everyone should.

Whether Woosha likes it or not he is the public face of the club and with that comes pressure.

We have one of the biggest supporters bases in the country and a club that has made mistake after mistake for almost two decades.

I can see why some might be a little impatient with whats happening.

For all we know we might be just as far away from a flag now as we have been in the last 20 years.



if so - yes please


Lets hope so :grinning:


Not nexessarily, but we have lost our most experienced 5 players - Kelly, BJ, Stants, Jobe and Bird (and 8 of our 10 most experienced, with Leuey/Howlett/Hocking) from the 2017 list

Most of them last pre-season.

That’s a big chunk.

That has an impact.


I’m not disagreeing with you.

I just don’t believe everyone should feel the same way about it.

Do you think Richmond supporters reset expectations every time they had a new coach after 40 years of no premierships or lack of September action at all?

I am one that doesn’t care so much about a solitary finals win like others but again I can see why it might be important to others.

I am just happy that the club is acknowledging that the time is now and everyone at the club is under scrutiny. Coaches and players alike.


Can’t wait for the happy clappers to come out and defend the club if we have a poor year haha.

If Woosha and his team can’t win us final or 2 then he cops all the secruinty he gets.


I think I’d agree with that too. But what we need to improve is producing that best football in the clutch games. The one that was especially disappointing for me was Hawthorn. We needed to win to keep the season alive. We could have won. We should have won. But we played well below our best and we lost. We didn’t match Hawthorn’s intensity in a crucial game.

That was why we lost all those 4 games after round 8. We didn’t produce our best when it was really needed, and that’s what’s got to change.