John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


The Hawthorn game was certainly the most frustrating for me. We were way off how we’d been playing over the last few rounds.


The bulldogs loss annoys me more then the Carlton one.

Bulldogs were rubbish last year and they beat us easily.


That is a sobering thought, another 20 year wait. Under Sheeds, supporters were “spoilt” with 4 flags in 7 playoffs over a 27 year stretch. Since then, the club have lurched from 1 train wreck to another and even though the future “looks” bright the cold hard facts say Essendon, since 2004, are a complete failure re: finals footy.

The other sobering thought is that clubs can strongly position themselves but success is no guarantee. So many things need to go right… injuries, camaraderie, solid game plan, belief.

One thing is certain. Don’t win the flag this year and Essendon have equaled their longest streak without a premiership. Although I am heartened by Essendon’s stated intent of sustained success leading up to the 150 year celebrations in 2022. The road to credibility starts now though. Hope the boys are up to it.


Also we were in good form prior to Dreamtime the team puts in a limp ■■■■ effort and allow the Tiger thrash us by 70

It is frustrating that it happens.


I am optimistic that we are close to success but one thing I have learnt is not to count your chickens until they have hatched.

We should feel confident considering our list and the infrastructure that we have available to us from being a being a big club… but then Essington…


Wonder what excuses the club will trot out this time if we have another poor start.


You would like to think that the coaching team / club administration learnt from their mistakes from last year. They fixed a poor structure that isolated assistant coaches and moved on the person who assumed too much influence on both communication side and playing style.

Hopefully the momentum built from the second half of last year is continuing to build over the preseason.


Did their supporters “expect” any less in 2019 than 2018? Or any more in 2018 than in 2017? Of course not!
If anything else, they went in with lower expectations in 2018 because of how bad 2017 was - and higher expectations in 2019, based on how they went in 2018. And it didn’t make the slightest bit of difference!

They could “expect” Reiwoldt to kick 9, crochet a tea cosy and play a game of chess against a grandmaster every week, it doesn’t mean he does anything different.

My question is who gives a fudge? Why the pre-occupation with what anyone else thinks? I’d be disappointed if the club took any notice whatsoever.


I agree, it makes no difference.

So why bother complaining about how peoples expectations differ.

We are all individuals and not robots… sort of… yet…


I think anyone over the age of 12 or so should be able to take pertinent facts into account, yes.

What they do with that information is, of course, up to them.


But the cold hard facts are what people are taking into account.

I don’t think that is difficult to understand.


Playing group deflated by the pessimistic supporter group.


Group Prozac


What nino says is perfectly cromulent


You reckon Woosh would pull em aside a give em a spray.


I wouldn’t have thought anyone would disagree with this. It’s his team now. I think anything less than a finals win is absolutely an unmitigated disaster of a year. There would have to be a pretty compelling reason (entire midfield perishes in plane crash, hangar is destroyed by an asteroid etc) for the coach not to be under significant scrutiny should that occur.

By the way, are you saying he doesn’t cop enough scrutiny currently?! The usual suspects were crying during and since the suspensions year. No plan, no tactics, he’s too smiley in pressers, he’s not smiley enough in pressers…


What does cromulent mean?


I reckon there’s a fair few on here struggle to do up their velcro shoes.


Can’t argue with that


This is perfect