John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


Cromulent is a perfectly cromulent word


From now on if something’s of heightened and highly focused security I’m calling it secruinty.

Perfectly cromulent




A like for not being a ■■■■ about it like others…


Yeah hahaha, let’s aim for that then.


What about the Sydney game the week before? Sydney threw everything at us and we withstood it and then thrashed them.
We were never going to get it right every week straight away, but there were very clear improvements in the second half of the year in lots of areas.

I reckon that 14 game stretch produced the best signs for the club in a very very long time. Arguably the only period in the last 14 years that is up with it, is the first half of 2013.


Literally the first time I have ever heard this word too.


Dunny roll over or under


This is gold



Just goes to prove that Blitz does not embiggens the smallest man.


If you watch the Simpsons you will have heard it, it is made up word from there.




Clearly they watched how Bolt always switched off in the heats and modelled their game plan on that.


Boooooo @IceTemple


I just feel so …ohhh what’s the word… frasmotic right now


I figure Melbourne, Richmond, Adelaide, Essendon and Collingwood will fight it out for the top 4, Geelong, WCE, Sydney, Hawthorn and GWS will fight it out for the bottom half of the 8, with Geelong Hawthorn and Sydney on a downward trajectory.
So for me, with the momentum we have and the list we have, a pass mark is top 4 and a finals win ( barring severe mitigating circumstances). Failure to meet that is strike 1.


Surely not. Which episode?


Spot on.


Do you not own a google machine rosso

PS it’s the Jebediah Springfield one


I like to use it for it’s original intended purpose.

Searching for ■■■■