John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


I hope we’re up there as well, but Top 4 as a pass mark is an awfully high bar for a team that finished 11th last year


Strike 1?


That may seem to be the case, but based on the close nature of the 8 last year we only needed to win 2 more game ( say Carlton, Freo) and better percentage to get into the 8, and win 1 more than that ( Doggies or Hawthorn ) and we would be in the top 4 given better percentage.
Is that such a big jump ?



If we can get Joey_2017, and Fantasia to stay on the park most of the year, combined with the addition of Shiel then that is going to make us a much stronger team compared to 2018.

Add in the expected improvement/development to key players like McGrath, Langford, Parish, Guelfi and we have a highly competitive side.

And if Stringer can impact most weeks then it’s a very potent side.

The pieces are all there to have a genuine crack at the top spots.


We had 12 wins in 2017 (and 2018, for that matyer).
15 normally gets you top 4.

So 3 or 4 extra wins gets us top 4.

That’s doable.

Personally I think this squad should get to at least a home final - top 6.


Any team that has a good injury run will tend to do well so alot comes down to injuries…

I know Collingwood had a lot of injuries last year but i saw that as more of an exception to the rule…

A clean bill of health would do wonders for our results I think… Our top 4 chances will relate to this and also the injuries at other clubs too


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Yep I agree.

All I was saying is that let’s say we finished top 6, and won a final, it would be hard to argue the year wasn’t a pass (even though I hope for better)


Always remember that being a good, great, or magnificent team means little in a competition. The only thing that counts is being better.


For me the only thing that matters is winning the premiership. I can’t imagine getting to the Grand Final and losing and then saying that was a satisfactory year. I can’t imagine finishing third and getting knocked out in a prelim final and saying that was a good season.

If people are saying that we’re good enough to be top four or top six, they’re saying we’re good enough to be genuine contenders for the flag. Which means we’re good enough win it. Which means that not winning it is not good enough.


Compared to the last twenty years, it’s a successful season.


Mainly their 2nd/3rd/4th tier players were hurt.

Their absolute key players - Sidebottom, Grundy, Pendelbury - played nearly every game.

Contrast that with how many games Daniher and Fantasia played.


Agree. We won 12 games last year with severely interrupted years to Daniher, Fantasia, Zaharakis, etc. Those boys fully fit for the entire season would be worth at least 2-3 wins surely? If we have a healthy list, plus the addition of Shiel, there’s no reason to think we can’t at least get into a 15 win season, which definitely puts you in the conversation of top 4.


In 2017 we had the best forward line efficiency in the league, by a long way. Unfortunately the rest of the team sucked, and it barely ever went forward.

In the last two-thirds of 2018 our team defence and attitude was elite.

If we could combine the two…


= 17


The last 18 years have been a period of continuous failure. Why would we want to use that as a benchmark?


So you have obviously been disappointed for nearly a couple of decades. Do you still enjoy football?


Well why not. It’s a nice day.


There have been great individual games. But overall I enjoyed football much more in 1984, 1985, 1993 and 2000.


I like when people tell us how frustrated they are.
It is very good to read and makes me think they are very very smart.