John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


That was actually only the second game GWS had won at the G at the time. And they lost Scully during the game too.


It was the same Wooshfold press conference as the last one. And the one before that. And the one before that…


‘great question’

proceeds to not answer the question.


Here we go, what Ill conceived questions have you got for me tonight children? Provides reality and perspective in the face of intense ill informed speculation. Has the ability to professionally disrespect the imbeciles. Like it. Keep it up Woosha.


you ever met him?


He’s been doing that since day one.


More players went through the middle. We also controlled the game well in the last quarter against the wind.

Hopefully we see Gleeson or Redman in for Mutch this week.


Would be good, but I think we all know who will return in our next game.


Looked and sounded like he meant Tom Brown serious harm. I lol’d when he called him a very smart man.


Hooker has to come in so there might be a bit of a re-shuffle.


Smack with a hammy issue. Wonder how Franga pulled up as well. Could be a few forced changes.


Hopefully Hooker is good to, he can cover either forward or back if one of those guys doesn’t come up.


Don’t think Hooker is 100% yet & Stewart is playing his 1st game of the season at Frankston tomorrow.

VFL has a bye next week so that complicates things a little too.

Mitch Brown to earn a reprieve with a likely injury to Smack?


If McKernan is injured then Hooker would come in for him and he’ll play forward.

As said by someone else in the other worsfold thread, you cant have Hep, Zaka and Myers in the same team.


So are we sacking him this week? What if we lose next week?


No you didn’t !


I hope him and the team are watching Brisbane and hatching a plan.


Sack em all…Not just Woosha…That’ll take care of it.


Like Worsfold’s after match presser when EFC wins a game after he is under pressure - He effectively stonewalls and barely answers a question.


Righto. This isn’t easy to post as I’ve been a long time defender of Woosha.

Was chatting with a work mate whose mate is mates with a player (yeah I know). My workmate isn’t prone to BS btw.

Anyway, aforementioned player agrees with many here. Said Woosha is:
-poor tactically.
-not very inspiring.
And team mates are all a bit at sea.

Doesn’t bode well for the future if that’s a popular opinion amongst the group.