John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


Wait so you are using Brisbane of last year and Melbourne of this year? Sorry JD, that’s not right. These wins have been good, just as the 2 losses before them were shocking.


You would think so & I know that it is early doors, however, the figures across the first four rounds indicate this isn’t the case. Far fewer teams have scored over 100 points this season compared with the same point last season. Perhaps, the standard of footy has diminished.


Other tactics unrelated to the new rules are reducing scoring.

It’s like Clarko was saying coz of 6-6-6 scores are lower but that just can’t be the case given the scoring numbers from centre bounces


A well drilled side is able to win going with their primary style, and change it up (at times) to go slower and go quicker, and throw a few different shapes & matchups from week to week and within games, and still perform.

We’re not there yet, but we’re getting close.

It’s semantics to argue whether that’s all plan A) subsection iii, or plan B.
The point is whether you can do it or not.

Not sure any coach trains to be able to throw a switch to a completely different plan. You’re only ever going to do it if you’re getting reamed, and why would you plan for that?


Tell us more.

It’s an interesting early season anomaly, though.


No doubt a lot can happen over a season.

As I say, as good a win as Sat was, I don’t think that team would compete with WC or Pies (perhaps GWS) and I think Dees and Tiges will get better.

JD and TBC are crucial.


Well the angry little boy isn’t going to want to talk about his team being losers, is he?


Absolutely. The same can be said of many players, though.


I agree we seem to be defending well, but it’s fair to point out scoring is down across the league.


Interesting to hear Buckley say forward of centre he allows his players freedom to set up scoring opportunities. Nothing new there, about giving players ownership which simply reinforces what Worsfold is attempting to do with his players.

To suggest Essendon has only 1 plan is way too simplistic. Yes, their preference is to run through the middle, play on at all costs but they’re also directing the ball along the wing as another avenue to goal. Where players get unstuck is when the opposition apply pressure all over the field and retain possession. Reality is, no matter who you are, all teams will struggle with that type of pressure.

Challenge for Essendon is being able to minimise damage (that’s probably plan B or C) when an opposition get a run etc and, when the opportunity presents, have the conviction / reserves to turn the tables and pour on the pain. That’s the super exciting thing about this team… when in the mood, they can score and defend (plan A) at will.

Challenge for the boys is consistency and the need to turn up to games, switched on and aggressive.


Yes, but I think we need all playing as well as they did on Sat and additionally JD and TBC to be at their best to be close to competing in Sept.



Freedom is dangerous.

If our major sponsor find out our blokes are buying chairs and couches from Freedom rather than the good folks at Super A Mart, we may be in real trouble.




Buckley is great and informative to listen to.
He made a good point about taggers as did Crowley. If you haven’t got one, it’s dangerous to employ a player to do it cause you might become ‘a man short’. Also, even when you do have one (Greenwood) sometimes you are better employing team defence and having the extra mid. Depends on the opposition.


Sack Xavier?


His philosophy seems to be teach people how to make the right decision, rather than get up in their business and make that decision for them.

That sometimes means the wrong decision gets made, or the right decision gets made a bit later than would be ideal.

My question is what’s the alternative?

Micromanaging isn’t even possible these days, with no runner & limited interchanges. That (and having vastly different setups week to week) went out with Eade and TWallace.
Hawthorn and Geelong have been delegating much of that process to players for a decade or more.

I genuinely think it’s just as much an issue with punters not quite grasping how clubs set up these days.

If ■■■■ starts going south really badly, it genuinely keeps going that way. Throwing a forward back or telling the mids to kick short doesn’t often doesn’t often win a game.

Even look at blitz’s favourite, D Hardwick, when ■■■■ started going south in that prelim.
Where was the “plan B” then? Does that mean he can’t coach?


Want me to wait until you’ve replied to all of them?


Are you including this reply?


The notion that the players are just doing as they please on instinct is wrong

As we saw in Harding’s videos last year even on attacking forays they would make decisions to hold ball up / kick to certain parts of fwd to help allow the defence to setup

If we try to play the keepings off game & overthinking structures it doesn’t really work for us. If we try to take risks with quick play on and kicking to contests with numbers around we get our game going.

It’s probably no different for most sides


Sure, why not.

Give it 5 mins and you’ll start tagging me :slight_smile: