John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


Joe mismanaged by the coaching group
■■■■ off
If you’re going to play the blame game, blame the correct people: Joe and the medical/fitness staff

Coach: joe how you feeling
Joe: great ready to go
Medical/fitness: yea he will be ok
Coach: great.


I think after 3 and a half years you can answer the question of are they excellent coaches.

Make no mistake this is worsfold team. We have recruited for the here and now. We simply had to perform well this season. We are as inconsistent as ever and the team have shown no signs of improving in that area

The head coach carries the can.


Every single person could see the joe was struggling last year. Even if he was saying “I’m right to play”. Any experienced coach with a brain in their head wouldn’t of played him

The management and development of players has been nothing short of terrible.


You don’t deserve help.
You asked who should be cut and why, and it was a smartarse question but it was answered sincerely.
You were asked in return who should be kept and why and you flat out refused and played the man.

It’s not an unreasonable question, especially since You opened the discussion.


Thank you @wimmera1. Thank you. Glad someone noticed it


never thought i’d see the day @efc1robbo won an argument.


I know! Most enjoyment I have had since last night!


Why are there 2 woosha threads? Questionable he deserves even 1.


You make a lot of sense however which decision makers at this club would even contemplate your ideas? Unfortunately, none of them, from the top down so we continue to be stuck in this rigid mediocre culture and will remain unsuccessful for many years to come.


If we had a replacement ready yes I would trade him but we don’t.


Langford is a soft footballer he won’t be missed


If ever there was a time to recruit a coach for 2 years and then have an anointed successor take the reigns, it would have been in the wake of the saga.


Wait when he goes to anothet club and stars


I don’t think he would


So when are you leaving?


We have a coach who didn’t know half the team he was coaching were taking drugs. It was fairly common knowledge in W.A. and one of the worst kept secrets. If you don’t believe me ask WOB. The Brownlow Medallist was on drugs and Ben’s behaviour at the time was a dead giveaway. Chris Judd was out of West Coast as soon as he could be and back in Melbourne. The only reason that team didn’t win more premierships was because of the culture. They should have won three or four premierships because the team they had at the time was brilliant and could have - but what stopped them - guess? It was hushed up but later Ben admitted to being on drugs and knew when the testers were coming. How could he know that? He never had a positive test, of course he didn’t.

So yes, I find that interesting people are blaming Jo and the Medical Team because when James Hird was coach, he was in charge of everything. Mr. Everything man was supposed to know everything that was going on in the club at all times. I suppose Woosha could say he had no idea about Joe carrying an injury or being injured. Funny half the people on BB were asking the question and the club kept Mum. We plebs could see there was a problem long before the club came clean and Joe stopped playing. When the hammer falls is it on the head coaches head like it was for Hird and Bomber or, who takes responsibility for the failures?

When the team plays terrible footy when they’ve had the best pre-season ever, how is it explained away. It certainly isn’t a one off. There is a problem.

Don’t worry about us mushrooms, its all quiet and peaceful here in the dark.


As I said after the Geelong game. All of these semantics arguments are pointless.

If we don’t win a final this season, Worsfold should be shown the door. The moment it is mathematically impossible for us to make finals (which will be very soon), the club needs to sack him and use the rest of the season trying to find someone new and rebuilding our coaching panel.

I can’t fathom why anyone would be defending him at this point.


The same people that are defending it are the same ones that have attacked posters for criticising worsfold. If they are wrong they are going to have massive egg on their faces

Much like how if worsfold was successful, myself and a few others would have egg on our faces

People like nino have been absolutely smashed from pillar to post on here, looks increasingly like he was correct this whole time. Wonder if he will get any apologies…


You’re mistaking tantrums and pessimism for reasoned, logical arguments.
There are just as many negative posters on here who have no idea as to what they’re actually talking about as there are positive ones who know just as little.


We need to appeal the umpires decision of Rampe up the goal post and why no free kick was paid to Essendon by a breach of existing rules. Not the club but us or a single individual.

Because if we don’t, this will continue to happen because no one had the guts to stand up and disagree. It is not our fault if the umpired did not know the rules. And; it is not our fault, if the CEO backed the umpires, in spite of the existing rules. Or, do we just bend over again and again?