John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


But Eddie wants him to go to farkcarlton


My biggest gripe with him is he’s severely fkg up the development of kids

Langers is literally done. Myers and bags are hilariously bad. Parish attended ONE centre bounce against sydney. ONE. Thats disturbing

Mynott should have been given a go by now. Clarke should have had a run at it by now. Different rules for senior players, different rules for younger guys. Guys like ridley, guelfi parish, ham, Langford are held to a different set of rules


Woosh in the gun by the fans again & he’s certainly is deserving of some criticism for sure

Interesting however reading this to see we actually dominated so much of game (good coaching?) but did not capitalise because of poor disposal (on the players!)

This also cost us in the latter part of Anzac Day where continually turned ball over. It also cost us versus Cats where continually had them outmarking us often because we kicked it on our fwds heads, that on top of many missed set shots.

At some point is has to come back on the players not executing basic skills, not thinking way through situations & not seemingly caring enough to put the ball to a team mates advantage.

Essendon’s poor kicking and decision making going inside 50 once again proves costly
  • May 11, 2019 12:41pm
  • by Staff Writers
  • Source: [FOX SPORTS]

May 12 2019


Dylan Shiel of the Bombers looks dejected. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

Heading into the 2019 season, plenty had Essendon as a finals lock, with many considering them a top-four fancy.

But after eight games, the Bombers’ biggest flaw has well and truly emerged — and threatens to undermine their finals chances.

Essendon’s wastefulness going inside 50 has been one of the underlying flaws in its game this year — and against the Swans, it proved seriously costly.

The Bombers slipped to a 3-5 record with their five-point loss to the Swans on Friday, with an inefficient last quarter cruelling their attempts to run over the top of Sydney late in their SCG clash.

In the final quarter, Essendon dominated the midfield contest, winning the clearances 18 to eight and had 20 inside-50s to Sydney’s eight.

But inexplicably, the Bombers converted those entries to just 18 points, as opposed to Sydney’s 14.

“The inside 50s by Essendon is as bad as I’ve seen,” Brisbane great Jonathan Brown said on Fox Footy.

“If I was the forwards coach, I would be tearing absolute strips off the midfield.

“It is disgraceful the way they enter inside 50. Shocking.”

The sight of the Essendon midfield bombing the ball inside 50 — and down the throat of defenders Aliir Aliir and Dane Rampe to either be intercepted or negated — became an all-too-common and frustrating sight on Friday night.

Rampe finished the game with nine intercept possessions, Aliir had five and Callum Mills had six, while Essendon took just six marks inside 50 from its 54 entries, compared to Sydney’s 11 marks from 41 inside-50s.

Melbourne great Garry Lyon said the Bombers simply hadn’t been smart enough with their ball movement going forward.

“Let’s cut to the chase here — 20 to eight inside 50s,” Lyon said on Fox Footy.

“They’ve got no great secret, the Swans, they put one in the hole. It wasn’t like they redefined football, it was one in the hole and what did Essendon do? Kept belting it down the throat of Rampe or Aliir Aliir.

“So that’s really disappointing from a team that had aspirations to be contending.

“And again, we take nothing away from Sydney — but we know where the Swans are at a bit and they were great.

“But from an Essendon point of view — come on. You watch that tonight back from wherever you are and you think your side’s a chance and they serve that up.”

Big-name recruit Dylan Shiel has been particularly criticised for his disposal this season.

He was held to five touches by George Hewett in the first half but bounced back after half-time to finish with 17 — but still tracked at just 41 per cent disposal efficiency.

“Shiel’s got to get better at that inside-50 kick. It’s just long and strong with no direction,” Bulldogs great Brad Johnson said on Fox Footy.

“There was one coming out of the middle in the last quarter where he just bombed it long and Sydney ended up cleaning it up, where he had time and space.

“If he’s got time and space, he’s got to look low. He’s got to hit up — maybe there was no player coming at him but he’s still got to try and find that with time and space around.”

Things won’t get easier for the Bombers over the next two weeks, with clashes against Fremantle at Marvel Stadium and Richmond at the MCG.

It makes their failure to convert against the Swans — regardless of the controversy around the Dane Rampe non-free-kick — even more costly.

“Sydney well done — but Sydney are a 1-6 team going into that game and Essendon are potentially, I think some people tipped them to finish top — they were really, really poor,” former Swans coach Paul Roos said on Fox Footy.

And if those forward-50 entries don’t get any better, the Bombers could yet be in for a world of pain.

“No way known they can be a top four side serving up that stuff,” Brown said.

“They’re teasers, they’re absolute teasers. They show up in moments.”


Sorry to debunk your theory but we have had one- BJ Goddard.


Poor execution is just as much on Woosha as it is on the players.

If the players can’t wxecute then he must find a player that can. His continual backing in of the same players will be his downfall.


Or find better assistants who can teach them how.


I don’t think you can improve kicking that much once already in the system. Jobe was an isolated example.

Either utilise players that can kick within the system or change the system all together.


I haven’t seen the game, but if we were that bad going inside 50 and no one could mark, why wasn’t Clunk Hooker moved forward?


I’d vote for a mass cull. Knowing damn well that i’d be in contention to get the chop haha.


He was. Way too late though. He was swapped with Francis which was an obvious decision very early in the game.


ok thanks. That’s a concern.


The thing that has concerned me all year is that around the ground the players will generally pick careful options or run it hard through the middle with quick handballs that pick up forward moving targets. But for some reason when they get to a point of kicking inside 50 they just go the big bomb.

So the question is, why? Is that down to the midfield teaching or is that down to the way they have set up our forwards (who barely lead)? Or is it both?


Completely agree! And we got rid of him, and spent half the time blasting him for being demonstrative. We also even “essendon” him up.

I think he is the proof of what I’m saying, longer at the club the worse you get.


We got rid of him because he was past it on the footy field, everything else is a load of wank.

We could look at bringing him back as an assistant but I am happy for him to learn from others.

Let’s stop looking at BJ through rose coloured classes.


Maybe not clear but that’s what I mean. He started exceptionally well for us and then turned into a stat chasing half back flanker. He got worse.

Age played a part but the way he played was very different, as was the intensity.


You can blame the players but at the end of the day the coach is the one that cops it in the neck.

The comp is a win/loss business and right now the results don’t favour John on coaching beyond this year especially when the teams goal was to win a final.


You also forgot about Chappy.


If we are going to blame players then Worsfold should cop some blame too for his ■■■■ match day coaching.


we have multiple threads doing just that, not sure you need to keep saying it.


If players are poorly skilled you do 2 things-

Teach them how perform the skill properly through coaching

If that doesn’t work you drop them until they improve

If you play the same players whale the same mistakes that is on the coaches