John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


Still got flash backs of him being spoken down to by Zaharakis and Daniher, 2 players with zero onfield leadership during an Anzac day match when we were getting thrashed.


■■■■ me, it’s worse than I thought! :laughing:


Again if thw board or whoever has to is not foim6g to clarkson and giving him a 5 plus year deal on better momey than any other coach in the comp, they should all sack themselves.

Give him a cheque and tell him to wrute his own price.


Clarkson just re-signed with Hawthorn at the end of last year, he won’t be going anywhere for any amount of money for a couple of years at least (officially he has signed on until 2022). And yes, while a coach may be able to leave before the contract is up, I very much doubt Clarkson will do that the year he has signed a contract.

We need to look elsewhere for our next coach if we decide to replace Woosha.


If Clarkson rebuilds Hawthorn and wins a flag he will be regarded as the Goat. Why would he leave that opportunity to coach us.


Lethal is considered a brilliant coach because he won at the Pies then left and won at Brisbane. While he will be considered GOAT (and rightly so) his prestige would be even higher if he did it at two different clubs.


you make it so he has no alternative but to leave.
money, length of contract
ability to hit anyone he wants with 0 repercussions

i actually dont’ give a ■■■■, if they are not contacting him every day, and saying come over, then they are not doing their job.

yes i know he probably won’t leave, but they should be at least harrassing the absolute ■■■■ out of him to express how much they want him. or at least the fans do.


Geez you post some strange things. Come live in the real world.


its time, enough is enough now. It wont happen before the end of the season but it should happen at seasons end.

We recruited for now, gave away 2 round 1 picks . Now I’m not disappointed with paying that for Shiel as hes worth it. My point is this is the coaches team.
There are no excuses and to be 3 and 5 after such a promising end to last year is as disappointing as it gets. There is no sugar coating it we have have gone backwards.

It’s clear he is not up to it. He took us past the saga and that was all it should have been all I will say is …

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I was happy with the worsfold appointment. I never thought we’d win a flag with him, but thought he would at least demand 100 percent effort every week. He hasn’t even given us that. To be honest the only thing positive from his time in charge of essendon is the quality that’s been brought onto the list ssss and really though, he hasn’t even been the one responsible for that. Seriously over it now, actually was pretty ■■■■■■ off after the garbage served up in the 2017 final and it’s only gotten worse since. 4 years of nothing.


I thought he was the right bloke for the rebuild after the saga and that he did a great job with that, but I agree he isn’t getting us forward now.


I’m not sure I agree with this whole “he did a great job after the saga”. The players pretty much all re signed. So he gets a tick for that

Performances have really haven’t been any better than what we were doing and Hird and bomber

The club has become a lot nicer as a whole ( not sure if that’s his doing or those higher up or a combination)

Player development has been complete trash

Apart from being an experienced coach and the saga player re signing, I’m not sure what else you can look to and say “ I’m glad worsfold has developed this”

If I am missing anything please let me know. Just trying to think of ways he has improved the club since his arrival


Hopefully the next coach has a brain that knows the modern trends of the game.


Watching Zaharakis, turn his back to Goddard and banter him off with his ■■■■ eating grin when we were getting belted as you could see BJ was absolutely fuming was PTSD inducing. Essington in a nutshell.


This sums him up perfectly, - well said


Lethal was sacked by Collingwood , as he made clear. Coaches are easy targets.,hardly ever the sole reason for poor performance.


I haven’t seen anyone say he is the sole reason, but he is the biggest reason.


Interesting point in terms of how much say did Woosha have in the Zaharakis extension.


Probably very little, not his job.


I know not all coaches do this but it is an interesting issue: Both Clarko and Hardwick spend a lot of time down on the bench teaching and guiding the players this season as both clubs face development issues. Hawks are rebuilding while Tigers have a lot of injuries. Both coaches feel it is important to help the younger and the more inexperienced players by being down there and speaking to them during the game (especially without runners).

I would like to see that happening with our players because i think they need it. It won’t happen because Woosha isn’t that type of coach but I think it needs to happen.