John Worsfold - lucky to be playing against bad teams and bad umpires


Whilst I’m not a fan of Worsfold, I think it’s important to note that three of our losses this year have been by slender margins 11pts (STK), 4pts (Coll) & 5pts (syd). If we win two of those our season looks very different but reality is we’re 0-3 in matches decided by 2 goals or less this season and it’s a worry IMO. Especially the last two losses, they had the potential to be galvanising wins that build belief. ANZAC Day would’ve been a great one to bank and with even luck, we could’ve. We still have a chance over the next fortnight to build some momentum. I hope we can.


That really sums it up. We shouldn’t be in a position of saying “I hope we can”.


Get Hodge in the coaching team next year.


Absolutely correct. No excuses this season.

Either we win a final or he’s gone.


Gotta get in the finals first and that’s looking very unlikely at the moment.


Nothing stopping the helpers getting down to the bench like Harvey, Rutten…


It’s true. Why would he try to copy what the successful senior coaches do. It’s also warmer in the coaches box.


Very much against copying other teams’ manifest for success. Hird went that way and we know how they ended up. Just watching some of today’s games and there is a sameness going around. Love to see the Dons develop something new.


I am not saying to copy them simply because they do it, and I did say it isn’t Woosha’s style, but it is something that can work if done a little bit to help when the team is struggling to get the message properly. You don’t just copy other teams, you look at different aspects that work, right across different sports, things like philosophies, structures, styles, coaching techniques, training, medicine.

Sheeds was an expert of that and lead the league in doing this, essentially a lot of what teams do today was ground breaking from Sheeds. We stopped doing this after Sheeds and we have been chasing tail ever since. Hird was attempting to go down Sheeds path and lead the league, but the setup allowed a rogue element in who blew that all apart. Hird wasn’t wrong, the club just wasn’t set up for it.


Thank god you are not the coach.
Francis forward is the future.
You need how to use your forwards and play to their strengths.
We didn’t.


Baggers has been great since his move up front and his absence against the swans was noticeable. This guy has true grit and doesn’t give up.


We have had a very rough start to the year.

GWS were out of the blocks early and we didn’t show up. They are a contender this year.

Saints we should have won, but it’s too hard to turn around a shitful performance that quick so we took too long to find out effort and run. It’s one we should have taken the points.

After getting our game going North and Lions is were where we should be.

We put in the effort against the Coll and got robbed, it appears we were sulking against a rampant cats who gave us a lesson and to turn it around we had to run up to Sydney on the micro oval against a team with their back against the wall who still have quality contested mids. They beat us up around the footy. Sydney in Sydney is IMHO our worst opponent, it kills our entire game, and their game style on that ground is our nemisis. Play then on Marvel and we Spank them.

Realistically, the way we are going we could only hope for one more win so far this year.

The problem is, the coaching group has ■■■■■■■ repeated last year, it’s almost like we have learnt nothing. Selection since 2017 has been aweful and cost us games.

Either Woosha takes back control and goes back to the logical selection and development of 2016 for the rest of the year or he should be moved on at the end of the year. And so too X for choosing three failed coaches now. Bomber, Hird 2.0 and Woosha.

What’s weird is even with a new playing list and coaching groups we appear to still have not instilled a backbone into the EFC team since 2007. We get challenged we capitulate every time.


Agree, we’ve had some terrible luck on balance, and there is still a lot to like when we are on.

In my opinion Worsfold seems to have absolutely no charisma, and is about as inspiring as a dead fish. At least that is what it seems like in the press cons. I hope he is better behind closed doors.

We need an inspiring coach that everyone can believe in.
Personally I think he seems arrogant, conceited and lack lustre in his press cons and that is disrespectful to everyone.

He says great teams are player led !!
They better be, because he ain’t capable of leading.

I think it would be nice if we could allow our players to settle and build confidence.

Dare to be great.


Bit harsh, Bomber was the logical choice and not many on here thought it was a bad idea, Hird wasn’t X choice, that came from the board who made a promise to Hird. Woosha was also the logical choice to rebuild after the crap went down, and again, X didn’t have a lot to say on that, it came from the board again. The extension for Woosha is his and was not necessary at the time. That can lay at his feet.


BEVO will be next Essendon Football Club senior coach.


Is he leaving Bullies?


Fkg hope not, i want nothing from that bunch of Tin Rattlers. If that ever happened I would honestly walk away.

Are you taking the pisss?


To be fair must say Woosha’s first year got a big tick. Lets hope the team picks up. I am a great fan of SMACK and its a pity we have not seen him , Joey and Stringer all in the same team fully fit. The forward line structure would be as it should be then and very dangerous.


Caracella is the clear choice.

He has been part of successful cultures for 20 years, both playing and coaching. If you wanted someone who could drive a successful culture it would be him. And he actually puts an emphasis on tactics.

We aren’t getting a senior coach from another team. It just won’t happen.


2 of those games were against poor opposition and good teams would have won them. There is no way we should have played that poorly against the Saints after the poor performance the week before.

And Sydney had more injuries than us and were getting soundly beaten more often than not and they still beat us.